City of Fort Lauderdale - A-to-Z Guide
City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Venice of America

A-to-Z Guide of Services

24-hour Customer Service Center

24-Hour Customer Service Center
For inquiries regarding water, sewer, storm repairs, maintenance, solid waste/trash, or any other service issues, call 954-828-8000 or use the online form.

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Accessibility / ADA Coordinator — Voice: 954-828-6510 / TTY: 954-828-5520

Matthew Cobb, AIC, AIS
ADA Coordinator
City of Fort Lauderdale Risk Management
100 N Andrews Avenue, 3rd Floor
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
Phone: 954-828-6510
Fax: 954-828-5439
TTY: 954-828-5520
Florida Relay (Voice): 800-955-8770
Florida Relay (TTY): 800-955-8771
Web: Accessibility / ADA Webpage

Adult/Senior Recreation Activities — 954-828-5383/4610

Adult Athletics — 954-828-8943

Advisory Boards — 954-828-6313

After School Child Care (see F.L.A.S.H.) — 954-468-1487

Agendas - Agendas and minutes for city commission meetings, board meetings, and committee meetings.


Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) — 954-828-4955
The Executive Airport develops, operates, and maintains Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Industrial Airpark, and the Downtown Helistop. Passenger service and commercial flights are not available at this airport. The airport also maintains a Noise Abatement Hotline at 954-828-6666.

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport (FLL) - Broward County — 954-359-1200
The Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport provides passenger service and commercial flights.

Alarms and Alarm Registration — 954-828-5476

Residential and commercial fire and interior alarms must be registered with the City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

Animal Removal (Deceased)

Removal from Public Roadways - Broward County has announced that from October 1, 2013 it will no longer provide the service of removing deceased animals from roadways. Instead, residents who want to report a deceased animal on a public roadway should contact the City of Fort Lauderdale by calling the 24-Hour Customer Service Center at (954) 828-8000 or completing an online Customer Service Form.

Aquatics Hotline — 954-828-6555

Athletic Field Permits — 954-828-7275

Auction Information — 954-828-5960

The City of Fort Lauderdale holds public auctions twice a year to dispose of excess property, such as autos, trucks, and other equipment.

Auto Tags and Registration (Broward County) — 954-765-4697

TTY (Hearing Impaired) 954-370-3745


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Banners — 954-828-6892

For sign permits, special promotions, grand opening banners, and inflatables.

Beach Conditions — 954-828-4597

Bicycle Registration — 954-828-6400

Birth Certificates — 954-467-4413

For information about birth certificates, contact the Broward County Health Department at:

2421 S.W. Sixth Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
(954) 467-4413

Boat Ramps/Launching Facilities — 954-828-5423

(also see Marine Facilities)

Boat Registration (Broward County Revenue Collection Division) — 954-765-4697

TTY (Hearing Impaired) 954-370-3745

Building Permits and Inspections — 954-828-5191

To schedule inspections of permit work in progress, please call Building Services weekdays between 8 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. To speak to an inspector, call between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Building Services — 954-828-6520

700 NW 19th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311-7834
(located just behind Lincoln Park off of Sistrunk Boulevard/NW 6th Street)

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Building Services provides services for building-related activities.

  • General Information — 954-828-6520
  • Community Area Planning — 954-828-8981
  • Community Inspections — 954-828-5207
  • Engineering Permits — 954-828-5048
  • Utilities Services — 954-828-5123
  • Fax Permitting — 954-828-6330
  • Inspection Scheduling — 954-828-5191
  • Business Tax — 954-828-5195
  • Urban Design & Development — 954-828-5203

Bus Benches — 954-983-9111

Call Bench Ads, Inc. to report broken bus benches or benches in need of maintenance in the City.

Bus Transportation (Broward County) — 954-357-8400

TTY (Hearing Impaired) 954-357-8302

Business Assistance — 954-828-4515

Business Tax Office

The Business Tax is a tax for the privilege of engaging in or managing any business, profession, or occupation within the city limits. The Business Tax Office is located at:

City Hall - Utility Billing Office
100 N Andrews Ave, 1st Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday


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Cable TV (Comcast Cable) — 954-252-1937

Comcast Cable is the City's franchised cable operator. To report a complaint for the first time or to request service, please contact them at 954-252-1937.

For complaints that have been reported to Comcast Cable but have not been resolved, or for questions or comments, please contact the City of Fort Lauderdale's Cable Television Office at 954-828-3180.

Calendar of Events

Searchable online calendar of important City events.

Canal Maintenance — 954-828-8000

Call to request debris removal or to report illegal dumping into canals. For emergencies, please call 954-828-5440, Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. or 954-828-5700 after 4:00 p.m. and on weekends.

Cemeteries — 954-745-2141

Evergreen Historic Cemetery, Sunset Memorial Gardens, and Lauderdale Memorial Park

CERT Program — 954-828-6700

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is a free, seven-week course that provides residents with basic training in emergency preparedness, disaster survival, and rescue skills.

Chamber of Commerce (Greater Fort Lauderdale) — 954-462-6000

City Attorney's Office — 954-828-5940

The City Attorney is Cynthia A. Everett. The City Attorney’s Office provides legal advice to the City Commission, City Manager, City departments, and City staff. The City Attorney’s Office acts as general counsel to the City.

Please note: The City Attorney’s Office provides legal advice to the City in accordance with the City’s Charter.

100 North Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Phone: 954-828-5940
Fax: 954-828-5915
Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

City Auditor's Office — 954-828-4350

City Clerk's Office — 954-828-5002

The City Clerk serves as liaison between the City Commission, City Departments and the public. Individuals may contact the City Clerk's Office for information about Citizens Advisory Boards, Committees, and City Commission Agendas and meetings.

City Commission Office — 954-828-5004

City Events Hotline — 954-828-5363

City Hall — 954-828-5000

100 N. Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

General information is available by telephone from 7:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m., Monday - Friday. Security Services will provide an escort from the building to the parking garage for individuals attending night meetings.

City Manager's Office — 954-828-5013

City Records Management Services — 954-828-3772

For information about City Public Records.

Code Enforcement - 954-828-5207

A citizen can report a code complaint by calling the Code Enforcement Division at 954-828-5207 or sending an e-mail to Please provide information regarding the location and nature of the violation. The inspector assigned to the area will conduct an inspection of the property and if it is determined that a violation exists, will enforce accordingly

CodeRED® and City News Alerts

Sign up to receive emergency notifications by phone or e-mail.

Code Violations/Neighborhood Inspections and Criminal Code Violations — 954-828-5207

Residents are encouraged to report possible code violations (such as overflowing dumpsters, overgrown lawns, tenants living in housing that fails to meet minimum housing standards), other municipal code violations that affect the health, safety, or aesthetics of the community, and criminal code violations.

Combat Auto Theft — 954-828-5501

The City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department's Combat Auto Theft is a community-based program to help deter and combat auto theft. City residents may register their vehicles in the program.

Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) — 954-828-4526

Annual funding for qualified individuals to provide community and economic revitalization to targeted neighborhoods.

Community Events — 954-828-5363

Up-to-date information about the City's Community Events.

Community Police Academy — 954-828-6432

The Community Police Academy is a free,14-week program designed to help citizens become better informed about the mission, resources, practices, and services of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

Community Policing/Community Support Division — 954-828-6400

Citizens and police working in partnership to reduce neighborhood crime and enhance the quality of life by seeking innovative solutions for better crime control.

Community Redevelopment Agencies — 954-828-4514

Consumer Affairs (Broward County) — 954-357-5321

The Broward County Consumer Affairs Division assists people who feel they have been victimized by unfair or deceptive trade practices. The Division investigates and mediates consumer/vendor disputes, provides information and referral services, prosecutes businesses found to be committing unfair and deceptive business practices, and provides educational materials on various topics, including landlord-tenant relationships and small claims court procedures.

Convention Center — 954-765-5933

Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center

Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau — 954-765-4466

This organization is a full service bureau funded by the 5% hotel tax with the mission of marketing Broward County as a year round destination for convention, incentive, meeting, and leisure travelers.

Crime Prevention Unit — 954-828-6400

The City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit offers free, confidential security surveys to residents and business owners. Officers are also available to attend homeowners, civic association, and neighborhood meetings to discuss security-related topics.

Customer Service Center (24-hour) — 954-828-8000

For inquiries regarding water, sewer, storm repairs, maintenance, and solid waste/trash.


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Death Certificates — 954-467-4413

For information about death certificates, contact the Broward County Health Department at:

2421 S.W. Sixth Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
(954) 467-4413

Development Services — 954-828-5203

For information about development and redevelopment of property in the City.

Dogs/Canine Beach Permits — 954-828-7275

Downtown Helistop — 954-523-HELI (4354)

The Downtown Helistop operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing quick and convenient access to the City's Central Business District for helicopters up to 11,900 pounds.

Driver's Licenses (State of Florida) — 954-497-1570


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Economic Development — 954-828-4515

Elevation Certificates — 954-828-5756

Election Information - See Broward County Supervisor of Elections

E M E R G E N C I E S — Dial 9-1-1

Employee Benefits

Employment Opportunities (City of Fort Lauderdale)

General Information — 954-828-5300
24-hour Job Information Hotline — 954-828-5317
TDD Access — 954-828-5986

EMS (For Non-Emergency Medical Services) — 954-828-7421

Non-urgent requests and information.

Engineering — 954-828-5772

For design, planning and construction of speed humps, road closures, medians, special assessment projects, engineering permits, and construction/consultant project bids.

Environmental Services — 954-828-8000

Event Calendar

Searchable online calendar of important City events.

Everglades Holiday Park (Privately Owned) — 954-434-8111

21940 Griffin Road


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Filming in Fort Lauderdale! - Film Permits — 954-828-4732 or 954-828-4741

A permit is required for all photography or filming on City property.

Finance Department — 954-828-5144

Fire and Life Safety Inspections — 954-828-6370

Citizens may call the Fire Prevention Bureau's Records Office to obtain information and reports about fire and life-safety inspections.

Fire Reports and Records — 954-828-6827

Call the Department's Fire Reports and Records Office to obtain information and reports about medical, fire incidents, and to request general statistical data.

Fire-Rescue Department —954-764-HELP (764-4357)

F.L.A.S.H. Program (Fort Lauderdale After School Hours) — 954-468-1487

The City of Fort Lauderdale's F.L.A.S.H. program is a licensed after school program which operates at five area elementary schools Monday - Friday, 2:00 - 6:00 p.m.

F.L.A.I.R. (Fort Lauderdale Automated Inspection Request Line) — 954-828-5191

Fort Lauderdale Automated Inspection Request (F.L.A.I.R.) Line, operates 24-hours a day/7 days a week, allows customers to schedule, check the status of or cancel permit inspections, as well as pay permit fees by credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Flood Information — 954-828-5203

Residents may call the City's Zoning Division with general questions about flooding, flood zones and property elevation levels. Floodplain maps, which identify areas of the City prone to flooding, may be reviewed at the Construction Services Bureau, located at 300 NW 1st Avenue.

Florida Relay — 800-955-8770 / TTY: 800-955-8771

Foreign Trade Zone #241 — 954-828-4966

The City's new FTZ helps businesses defer, reduce or eliminate US Customs duties and fees on products imported to the US. Qualified companies can move into a pre-approved location or work with the City to designate existing locations.

Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex — 954-828-4580

Fort Lauderdale Aquatics — 954-768-0093
ISHOF Museum — 954-462-6536
Jack Nelson Swim School — 954-764-4822

Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) — 954-828-4955


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Garbage Cart Service and/or Repair — 954-828-8000

The City provides 65-gallon garbage carts for all household garbage, 90-gallon carts for yard waste, and 65-gallon blue recycling carts for recyclables.

Garbage/Trash Collection — 954-828-8000

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Graffiti Hotline — 954-828-6402


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Hazardous Waste Disposal (Broward County) — 954-765-4999

Health Department (Broward County) — 954-467-4700

Helistop (Downtown) — 954-523-4354

Homestead Exemption (Broward County) — 954-357-6830

Homeless Assistance Center (Broward County) — 954-779-3990

Housing Programs:

Disaster Recovery Initiative — 954-828-4527
This program provides assistance for home repairs due to damage sustained during hurricane Wilma.

First-Time Homebuyers Program — 954-828-4527
This program assists income-eligible homebuyers purchasing a property in the city limits of Fort Lauderdale with a loan up to $75,000 towards their down payment and closing costs.

Foreclosure Prevention — 954-828-4527
Provides a one time grant up to $10,000 for income-eligible homeowners who are in jeopardy of losing their homes due to foreclosure.

HOME Program — 954-828-4527
Annual funding is available to eligible residents for affordable housing assistance.

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) — 954-828-4775
Housing assistance and support services for HIV positive residents. Services include group home living, independent living, and emergency financial assistance to prevent homelessness.

Nonprofit Acquisition and Improvement Loan Program (NAIL) — 954-828-4511
Funds are available to assist nonprofit social service organizations in the acquisition and renovation of structures used for nonresidential activities.

Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation — 954-828-4527
This program provides loans to qualified lower-income homeowners to bring their homes up to City Code standards and help keep neighborhoods attractive.

Rental Rehabilitation — 954-828-4509
This program is designed to increase the supply of affordable rental housing by encouraging investors to acquire and/or renovate existing rental units which are made available to low/moderate income renters. Loans are provided to rental property owners to cover up to one-half of the rehabilitation costs necessary to bring the dwelling up to City Code standards.

Replacement Housing — 954-828-4527
Qualified homeowners with houses that cannot be rehabilitated can participate in this program which provides a new house on the owner's existing lot.

Human Resources - 954-828-5300

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season in South Florida runs from June 1 to November 30. Get ready now!


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Information (City of Fort Lauderdale):

City Hall — 954-828-5000
Public Information Office — 954-828-4746

Internet (City of Fort Lauderdale Website) — 954-828-4740

Visit the website at or send e-mail to


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Jobs (City of Fort Lauderdale)

General Information — 954-828-5300
24-hour Job Information Hotline — 954-828-5317
Hearing Impaired (TDD Access) — 954-828-5986


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Lien Searches and Inquiries (City Properties) — 954-828-5155


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Marine Facilities:

Dockmaster's Office — 954-828-5423

Las Olas Municipal Marina — 954-828-7200
240 Las Olas Circle

New River/Riverwalk Docking Facility — 954-828-5423
2 S. New River Drive, East

Cooley's Landing Marina — 954-828-4626
(Includes boat launching ramps.)
450 SW 7th Avenue

Boat Launching Facilities:

George English Park — 954-828-5423
1101 Bayview Drive

SE 15th Street — 954-828-5423
Located at east end of SE 15th Street.

Boat Launching/Parking Permits — 954-828-3700
Monthly and annual parking permits for the City's boat launching facilities may be purchased through Parking Services.

Marriage Licenses — 954-712-7899 ext. 7842

For information about marriage licenses, contact the Broward County Clerk of Courts at:

Main Broward County Courthouse
Marriage Division
201 SE 6th Street, Room 270
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Public Information: 954-712-7899 Ext. 7842
Marriage License Copies: 954-712-7899 Ext. 7841

Mayor's Office/City Commission Office — 954-828-5003

Minutes - Agendas and minutes for city commission meetings, board meetings, and committee meetings.


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Neighbor Support Office — 954-828-5289; 954-828-5063; 954-828-5013

The Neighbor Support Office provides additional outreach and enhanced services to our neighbors, while fostering transparency in government. The office serves as a central resource to effectively address issues of interest and concern.

Neighborhood Capital Improvement Program — 954-828-8954

NCIP provides matching funds for the construction of capital improvements to the City's neighborhoods.

Noise Abatement Hotline (to report loud aircraft) — 954-828-6666

The City of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport operates a comprehensive Noise Abatement program to minimize aircraft noise in residential neighborhoods. Citizens may call to report excessive or unusual amounts of aircraft noise. To report all other noise disturbances, please contact the Fort Lauderdale Police Non-emergency number at 954)-828-5700.


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Ocean Rescue (Beach Lifeguards) — 954-828-4595

Outdoor Events Information and Permits — 954-828-6075


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Parking Services — 954-828-3700

290 NE 3rd Avenue
For general parking information, parking ticket payments, parking permits, Parcxmart Cards, SmartPark In-Car Parking Meters, and Resident Beach Parking Cards.

Parks and Recreation Department - 954-828-PARK (7275)

Bass Park — 954-828-8498
2750 NW 19th Street
Pool 484-0930

Beach Community Center/Galt Ocean — 954-828-4610
3351 NE 33rd Avenue

Joseph C. Carter Park — 954-828-5411
1450 W. Sunrise Boulevard

Gymnasium — 954-828-4592
Pool — 954-828-5407
Social Center — 954-828-5408

Croissant Park954-523-1063
245 West Park Drive
Pool — 954-523-1068

George English Park — 954-828-4620
1101 Bayview Drive

Holiday Park — 954-828-7275
1300 E. Sunrise Boulevard

Activity Center (recording) — 954-828-5385
Gymnasium — 954-828-5993
Social Center — 954-828-5383
Jimmy Evert Tennis Center, 701 NE 12th Avenue — 954-828-5378
War Memorial Auditorium, 800 NE 8th Street — 954-828-5380

Lauderdale Manors Park — 954-828-5412
1340 Chateau Park Drive
Pool — 954-828-5402

Mills Pond Park — 954-828-8943
2201 NW 9th Avenue (Powerline Road)

Osswald Park — 954-497-1636
2220 NW 21st Avenue

Riverland Park — 954-321-1234
950 SW 27th Avenue
Pool — 954-321-1237

Riverside Park — 954-468-1553
555 SW 11th Avenue

Snyder Park — 954-828-4341
3299 SW 4th Avenue

Warfield Park — 954-759-6896
1000 N Andrews Avenue

For a complete list of Parks and Recreation facilities, call 954-828-7275.

Park Maintenance — 954-828-7275

Passports — 954-926-8611

For information call Monday - Thursday, 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. - 3:45. A Passport Application Center is located in the Broward County Governmental Center at 115 S. Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. For recorded information, call 765-4697. This facility only handles walk-in requests and does not provide telephone service.

Pavilion/Park Permits — 954-828-7275

For pavilion/park permits at Snyder Park, call 954-828-4585; for George English Park, call 396-3620; and for Mills Pond Park, call 954-828-4565.

Permits — 954-828-5191

Plan Review — 954-828-6520

Building plans must be submitted to the Building Services Center to ensure compliance with electrical, structural, mechanical, plumbing and fire regulations. Call for more detailed information about hours of operation, appointments, and available services.

Police Department (Non-Emergency) — 954-764-HELP (764-4357)

Print Shop and Graphics Services — 954-828-6665

The Print Shop and Graphics Center provides competitively priced printing and graphics services, including the production of newsletters, brochures, forms, and flyers, to nonprofit and neighborhood organizations.

Property Appraiser's Office (Broward County) — 954-357-6830

Property Records/Microfilm — 954-828-5257

Located at the Building Services Center, 700 NW 19th Avenue. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. City building plans and property records may be reviewed and copies purchased.

Procurement Services — 954-828-5140

Formal bids and contracts available for solicitation,vendors registration and City's auction of surplus items.

Public Affairs — 954-828-4746 (4PIO)

Public Works Department — 954-828-8000


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Mix it. Curb it.Recycle! Fort Lauderdale — 954-828-8000

As part of its committment to sustainable development, the City of Fort Lauderdale has instituted Mix it. Curb it., the single-stream curbside program that makes recycling much easier for our neighbors. As part of Mix it. Curb it., the City provides residential recycling customers with blue, 65-gallon carts to hold all clean recyclables. Hoisting and lugging heavy bins full of recyclables are a task of the past now that you can mix all clean recyclables together into one cart and roll it to the curb; it’s that simple.

Risk Management — 954-828-5177

Risk Management handles the administration of the City's insurance programs.

Riverwalk Signature Brick Program — 954-468-1541

Commemorative bricks along the City of Fort Lauderdale's picturesque Riverwalk may be purchased. Proceeds from the program are used to help fund Riverwalk advocacy and beautification projects.


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Safe Place — 954-568-2801

A program which offers temporary refuge for at-risk children and teens. Adolescents going through a crisis can receive free, confidential, professional help. All 12 fire stations in Fort Lauderdale are designated and marked "Safe Place."

Save Our Swales Program (S.O.S.) — 954-828-7844

A program designed to provide property owners with information and guidelines to follow in order to help preserve swales, the utility right-of-way located along the property edge.

Senior Recreation Activities — 954-828-5383/4610

Sewer Repairs (24 Hours) — 954-828-8000

Call to report sewer problems, backups, sewage in the roadway, or emergency repairs.

Special Assessment, Billing and Inquiries — 954-828-5155

Special Events Hotline — 954-828-5363


Fort Lauderdale Stadium (City of Fort Lauderdale) — 954-828-4980
Lockhart Stadium (Broward County School Board) 754-321-1200

Storm Drains (24 Hours) — 954-828-8000

Call to report clogged storm drains, sink holes surrounding drains, missing or damaged grates.

Street Lights (FPL) — 954-797-5000

Call Florida Power and Light (FPL) to report problems with residential street lights.

Street Maintenance — 954-828-8000

Call to report potholes, cave-ins, and other necessary street repairs.

Streetlight Outages — 954-828-8000

Call to report streetlight outages. Help us See the Light.

Supervisor of Elections (Broward County) — 954-357-7050

Swimming Pools:

Bass Park — 954-484-0930
2750 NW 19th Street

Joseph C. Carter Park — 954-828-5407
1540 W. Sunrise Boulevard

Croissant Park — 954-523-1063
245 West Park Drive

Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex — 954-828-4580
501 Seabreeze Boulevard

Fort Lauderdale High School — 954-828-5401
1600 NE 4th Avenue

Lauderdale Manors Park — 954-828-5402
1340 Chateau Park Drive

Riverland Park 954-321-1237

Sunrise Middle School Pool — 754-322-4790
1750 NE 14th Street


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Teen Programs — 954-828-8944

A wide range of programs are offered to teens in the City, including athletics, arts, academics, and life skills. The Smooth Operator driving education course is offered, as well as supervised evening activities at City parks.

Title VI Coordinator - Voice: 954-828-3794

Keela Black
Title VI Coordinator
City of Fort Lauderdale Transportation and Mobility
290 NE 3rd Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
Phone: 954-828-3794
Web: Title VI Webpage

Trash Pickup — 954-828-8000

Tree Abuse Hotline — 954-828-5200

Tree Maintenance/Urban Forester — 954-828-5785

The City's Urban Forester directs the City's Adopt-A-Tree and Memorial Tree programs, provides advice to residents about tree care, tree selection, and general landscaping, and is available to speak to homeowners associations and civic groups.


Commuter Rail Organization 1-800-874-7245
Bus Feeder Information 954-357-8400
TTY (Hearing Impaired) 954-357-8302


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Urban Design & Planning — 954-828-6520

Call Urban Design & Planning with questions about City zoning ordinances, including requirements for landscaping, parking, signs, setbacks, subdivisions, street and alleys, and other land use regulations.

Utility Billing - Online (Water and Sanitation) — 954-828-5150

Activate secure online account access; pay your bill online by credit or debit card; check your account history; learn about the Automatic Bill Payment Plan; change your profile or billing address; retrieve your PIN.

Urban Forester — 954-828-5785


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Vendor Registration — 954-828-5161

Businesses interested in making application to register as vendors with the City of Fort Lauderdale may contact the City's Purchasing Division to receive recorded information and instructions.

Voter Registration (Broward County) — 954-357-7050


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War Memorial Auditorium — 954-828-5380

War Memorial Auditorium Box Office — 954-828-5381

Waste Disposal Program — 954-828-8000

Water Billing — 954-828-5150

Call Customer Service for information regarding all charges appearing on water bills and for the connection or disconnection of water service. You can also use our Online Utility Billing page to make secure, online payments. Payments may also be made in person on the first floor of City Hall at 100 N. Andrews Avenue. Lobby Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. A drive-through facility is located in the parking lot of City Hall to pay water bills or parking tickets. Hours: Monday and Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Tuesday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Water and Wastewater Services and Repairs — 954-828-8000

The 24-hour line is available to report water leaks, damaged or leaking fire hydrants, meter leaks, or other emergency repairs.


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Zoning — 954-828-3266

Call the City of Fort Lauderdale Planning & Zoning Department with questions about City zoning ordinances, including requirements for landscaping, parking, signs, setbacks, subdivisions, street and alleys, and other land use regulations.

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