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League Playoffs:

A) League playoffs will be played amongst the top 4 teams within the Division. The format will be played as follows:

1) 2nd place vs. 3rd place
1st place vs. 4th place
2) The winners of the above will play for the championship.

B) If two subdivisions of a division exist (i.e. Menís division 1 - American and 1 - National on Monday nights) the top 4 teams from each subdivision will be admitted to the playoffs, forming an 8-team playoff. The first playoff game will be versus a team from the opposing subdivision using the same format as above.

C) Playoffs will be held on the same night of league play following the conclusion of the regular season (time and weather permitting).

D) All playoffs are single elimination. Playoff games are scheduled for one hour and five minutes after roster check is completed. There will be no time limit during the championship game of playoffs. The run rule will be in effect.

E) Players may play for any team during divisional playoffs provided that they are on the teamís original roster. Only one team per division.

F) Rosters will be checked during all playoff games. Players must produce official identification to match their name and signature on the roster.

G) Highest seed will be made home team (or visitor if they choose). If teams have the same seed, home team will be determined by coin flip. Home teams for all championship games will be determined by coin flip.

H) There will be a run rule during all playoff games.

I) There will be a Kansas City tie-breaker and a time limit during all divisional playoff games. No time limit for championship games.

J) If a rainout occurs during a playoff game, the game will be replayed from the start of the game unless 5 innings have been completed (4 Ĺ if the home team is winning).

K) During playoffs all protests must be made before the next pitch is thrown.

League Standings:

A) Final league standings will be determined at the conclusion of each leagues regular season.

B) All end of regular season ties will be settled by the following tie-breaking system:

1) Head to head won - loss record, if still tied...
2) Head to head run differential, if still tied...
3) Won - loss record versus best common opponent, if still tied...
4) Run differential versus best common opponent, is still tied...
5) Won-loss record versus 2nd best common opponent.
6) Ad infinitum.

League/Playoff Awards:

A) A team plaque is given for the regular season champion, regular season runner-up and playoff champion.

B) Individual awards (12) are given for regular season and playoff champions.

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