City Employee Health and Wellness Center
City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Venice of America

City Employee Health and Wellness Center (operated by Marathon Health)


Did You Know?

The City Health and Wellness Center provides employees and their families (children ages 6+) who are enrolled in the City’s Medical Plans with high quality primary, preventive and acute care at no cost for professional services rendered by the physician or nurse practitioner. That’s right, we want you and your family healthy, and we are investing in your health because, over the long run, it will help control costs to both you and the City, and help you be more productive. The Medical Director of the Center is Dr. Ianthe Lambie, a board certified family practice physician, trained at Tufts Medical School in Boston, with many years of experience. Kelly-Parmenter-Eck is a board certified family nurse practitioner, and Diego Herran is our medical assistant. This medical team is there for you Monday through Friday from 7 AM until 4 PM with the exception of Thursday, 9 AM-6 PM. Call for your appointment today at 754-206-2420.

Prescription Medicine Provided At Time of Treatment

The City Health and Wellness Center stocks a supply of 30-40 prescription medications that the medical staff may dispense (if indicated) as part of medical care they provide. The Health and Wellness Center is not a pharmacy, and cannot fill prescriptions written by another physician, but in many cases, and in the context of care they provide, can provide you and your family with certain medications at no cost to you.

Center Hours: 7AM-4PM, M, Tues, W, F; 9AM-6PM, Thurs
Call 754-206-2420 for appointments
Fax: 1-954-867-5583 (must put the 1 in front)

Biometric Screenings are available at no charge at the Health and Wellness Center. In some cases the medical staff may order blood work as part of your care. In these cases the lab company will bill Cigna and any co-pays or deductibles will apply consistent with the City’s health plans and similar to what would apply with blood work ordered by any physician you may see. The City strongly encourages employees enrolled for the Cigna plans to undergo biometric screenings each calendar year. Mail or drop off the completed HRA at the Center.

Smoking/Tobacco use Cessation Program is available at no charge at the Health and Wellness Center.

Marathon Health Welcome Letter and Brochure PDF File: Marathon Health’s Welcome Packets were initially mailed, when the Health and Wellness Center first opened, to the homes of all eligible employees participating in the Cigna Health Plans- OAPIN1 (aka HMO1), OAPIN2 (aka HMO2), OAP HRA.

Cigna representative, Blossom Paravattil, is available onsite at the Health and Wellness Center, and may assist you in clarifying Cigna benefits and resolving  plan related issues. She also facilitates wellness events. Blossom may be contacted at 954-652-1306 or email  Cigna customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and may be reached toll free at 1-800-244-6224.

Marathon Health Secure Website - This personalized website contains tips for improving your health as well as an appointment tab to schedule an appointment at the Health and Wellness Center.