A Penny at Work Infrastructure Plan


Proposed Infrastructure Tax 10-Year Spending Plan 

Infrastructure, transportation, parks, streets, and buildings are the literal foundation of a community. The City has an important responsibility to delineate what the community needs to build now and what it will need to build in years to come. This must be done in a strategic, careful, and impactful way to maximize economic development and improve quality of life in line with the approved City Commission’s vision and policy. The City’s current Five Year Community Investment Plan (CIP) prioritizes the most pressing needs and also details the many capital investment needs that the City’s limited resources are unable to fund.

Florida law authorizes local governments to impose various types of local option surtaxes. As part of an agreement with the County and other municipalities, the Commission has supported putting two of these discretionary taxes on the November ballot, the Charter County and Regional Transportation System Surtax (1/2 cent) and the Local Government Infrastructure Surtax (1/2 cent). The Infrastructure Tax 10-Year Spending Plan highlights the capital projects and improvements that could be funded if the Infrastructure and Transportation Surtax is approved, including: a public safety facility; bike, transit, and neighborhood mobility projects; the repair and replacement of roads, bridges, seawalls, and sidewalks; stormwater and drainage projects; pedestrian safety projects; and recreation and conservation projects.

The Infrastructure Tax Ten Year Spending Plan has been developed using the City’s Five Year CIP as a starting point. Projects in the CIP are prioritized based on a needs assessment performed by City staff with input from various City Commission appointed advisory boards and committees. The needs assessment also includes the incorporation of various studies that have been performed by consultants with expertise in their respective disciplines. Key assessments and plans used to develop the ten-year plan include:

  • Walkability Plan
  • Bridge Master Plan
  • Sidewalk Assessment
  • Pavement Condition Assessment
  • Parks and Recreation Master plan
  • Police Headquarters Replacement Study
  • Connecting the Blocks – Multimodal Connectivity Plan

For more information about the half penny sales surtax, including a sample ballot, visit: