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Beach Conditions


Please call our Beach Conditions Hotline at 954-828-4597 for more information. Enjoy our beautiful beach and stay safe!


Wenesday, September 20, 2017                                                                                           

Weather Forecast:

Mostly sunny with afternoon thunderstorms. Chance of rain 30%. SE wind at 5-10 mph.     

Marine Forecast:

Seas less than 2 ft

Ocean Water Conditions:

SE Chop less than 2 ft.

Intracoastal Water Conditions:

Lite chop.

Air Temperature:

81 - 91
Water Temperature (Ocean): 86 degrees.

High Tide:

8:55 AM 

Low Tide:

3:01 PM

Wind Direction/Speed:

SE up to 10 mph

Sea Pests:

None at this time

Current Warning Flags: