Beach Conditions



Saturday, November 28th, 2015 at 7:00 AM.           

Weather Forecast:

Mostly cloudy and windy. NE winds up to 20 mph. 80% chance of showers and storms.

Current Weather:

Cloudy: 74 with NE WINDS AT 13

Marine Forecast:

NE winds up to 20 mph

Ocean Water Conditions:


Intracoastal Water Conditions:


Air Temperature:

The current air temperature is 74 degrees, and you can expect the temperature to range today from 74-79 degrees.

Water Temperature (Ocean):

78 degrees.

High Tide:

9:43 AM        

Low Tide:

3:47 PM

Wind Direction/Speed:

The winds currently are NE at 13 mph.

Sea Pests:

Moon Jellyfish

Current Warning Flags:

We are flying RED and PURPLE flags today for HIGH hazard bathing and moon jelly-fish.  Please consult your lifeguard on duty before deciding whether to enter the ocean today. Have a safe day, and thank you for visiting the Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue web page.