Beach Conditions


Please call our Beach Conditions Hotline at 954-828-4597 for more information. Enjoy our beautiful beach and stay safe!


Saturday, December 10th, 2016 at 7:00 am.           

Weather Forecast:

Cloudy skies. High of 74 degrees. Winds N @ to 11 mph becoming NE up to 20 mph

Marine Forecast:

N winds 10 mph becoming NE up to 20 mph

Ocean Water Conditions:


Intracoastal Water Conditions:

light chop

Air Temperature:

Water Temperature (Ocean): 76 degrees.

High Tide:

4:41 P.M.

Low Tide:

10:33 A.M.

Wind Direction/Speed:

The wind is N at 11 mph, becoming NE  up to 20 mph.

Sea Pests:


Current Warning Flags:

This morning we will be flying YELLOW FLAGS for MEDIUM HAZARD bathing conditions. Please remember to always swim in front of a lifeguard, on a lifeguarded beach, and to consult that lifeguard on duty before entering the ocean, as conditions are always subject to change. Thank you for checking our webpage, and have a safe day!