Community Programs


The City of Fort Lauderdale is dedicated to providing essential community-based services to residents and visitors. Our Fire Rescue Department offers a variety of programs that fit together like pieces of a puzzle to create a comprehensive package of services that benefit our youth, protect our elderly and disabled, and assist families in times of need.

Educating yourself and others about fire safety, ocean safety, injury prevention and disaster preparedness helps keep everyone safe. We encourage you and your family to participate in our educational programs.

CERT: Neighbors Helping Neighbors


With FREE training, you will be prepared to join Fort Lauderdale’s Community Emergency Response Team – CERT. You can make a difference in your neighborhood! Call 954-828-6700.


HEAT Program

Promoting Health, Education, Attitude and Teamwork, the HEAT program aims to educate and inspire our youth. Perfect for classrooms and youth meetings, the one-hour session includes lecture and storytelling. To "feel the heat," call 954-821-1533 or 305-778-3182.


Juvenile Fire Setters Program

Across the nation, about 450 people are killed and $300 million in property is destroyed annually in fires attributed to children playing with fire.  Children, ages 2-17, can enter the Juvenile Fire Setters Program voluntarily or by referral from a parent, social worker, or police officer. The first step is to assess the child to determine the level of intervention needed. The child is then referred to the proper counseling, therapy, or residential placement. Call 954-828-5093.


Drowning Prevention Program

Provided by Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue, the Drowning Prevention Program gives instruction for keeping your child safe around water, including "how to" information for developing an action plan for emergencies. Call 954-828-4595 or 754-246-4062.


Junior Lifeguard Program

group-2008-3-2The Fort Lauderdale Junior Lifeguard Program is dedicated to providing youth, ages 9-17, with premier instruction in ocean safety and lifeguard skills. Our junior lifeguard instructors are highly trained and certified Ocean Rescue professionals.

The two-week program boosts self-confidence, physical conditioning and awareness of the ocean environment. Registration is limited to 50 participants on a first-come basis. The fee is $135. Call 954-828-4595 or 754-246-4062.


SMART Program

The Survival Methods and Recruitment Training Program teaches survival swimming skills to firefighter and police recruits. Call 954-828-3473 or 954-383-3473 or 954-383-4245.


Explorer Program - Fire Service Explorers Post 713

Exploring is part of learning. The Explorer Program opens doors for young adults, ages 14-21, who have an interest in firefighting service.  With hands-on training, the Explorer Program helps young people prepare for becoming a responsible and caring adult. The program promotes character, service and leadership. Call 954-828-6700.



Neighborhood "All Hazardous" Preparedness Outreach Program

Representatives from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Emergency Management Bureau  are available to speak at neighborhood homeowners association meetings. Topics include Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Mitigation, Hands only CPR and more ... call 954-828-6700.


Neighborhood Fire Safety Public Education Outreach Program

Representatives from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Prevention Bureau are available to speak at neighborhood homeowners association meetings.  Topics include  Fire Prevention, and Fire Safety for Kids. Call 954-828-5093.

learning about jellyfish 

Beach Safety & Rip Current Awareness Program

Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue offers 45-minute presentations on beach safety and how to survive a rip current. Presentations are available for classrooms, neighborhood and civic meetings. Call or 954-828-4595 or754-246-4062.


Sign-up for CodeRED

During an emergency situation, the City of Fort Lauderdale implements the CodeRED System to deliver mass emergency notifications by phone. The service is free to join and information is kept confidential. Call 954-828-6700 or 954-828-8000.


Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP)

Residents with special needs are asked to join a county maintained disaster registry. SNAP will enhance the City's ability to effectively locate and respond to residents following a hurricane or other disaster. Call 954-831-4000 (TTY 954-357-5608).


The Fort Lauderdale Fire & Safety Museum

museumA unique 1927 firehouse, located at 1022 West Las Olas Boulevard, has been transformed into the non-profit educational Fort Lauderdale Fire & Safety Museum. Funded by donations, the museum serves to enlighten the public about the history, tradition and service of the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department and its heroes. Special programs teach, in an exciting way, fire, medical and severe weather preparedness. Tours are available. For more information or to become a member, visit or call 954-763-1005.


Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive & Annual Holiday Toy Drive

Each year, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue and the Fort Lauderdale Firefighters Benevolent Association team-up to collect food for the Thanksgiving Food Drive and new toys for the Holiday Toy Drive. Non-perishable food and toy donations are accepted at all Fire Rescue stations. Call 954-828-5330.