Help us expedite recovery efforts, follow these FEMA guidelines to properly sort hurricane debris.

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Ambulance Emergency Medical Services (EMS) billingFire Rescue(888) 987-0598
CERT ProgramFire Rescue(954) 828-6700
EMS Reports and RecordsFire Rescue(954) 828-6827
Fire and Alarm BillingFire Rescue(954) 828-5961
Fire and Life Safety InspectionsFire Rescue(954) 828-6370
Fire Incident ReportsFire Rescue(954) 828-5876
Fire Rescue (Non-Emergency)Fire Rescue(954) 764-4357
Fire Rescue Administrative HeadquartersFire Rescue(954) 828-6800
Fire Rescue Administrative OfficesFire Rescue(954) 828-6800
Fire Rescue Fire Prevention BureauFire Rescue(954) 828-6370
Fire Rescue Training Bureau Fire Rescue(954) 828-3616
Food Truck InspectionFire Rescue(954) 828-5093
KnoxBox inspectionsFire Rescue(954) 828-5876
Ocean Rescue (Beach Lifeguards)Fire Rescue(954) 828-4595