Beach Rules and Regulations


7.0 Beach Regulations

beach_sign7.1 Swimming at public beach areas is prohibited under the following conditions:

7.1(a) If the beach is closed due to lightning or other dangerous conditions.

7.1(b) If swimmers are wearing long pants or shoes.

7.1(c) Beyond 50 yards from shore.

7.1(d) If children are not properly supervised by adults (proper supervision is one adult minimum per ten children).

7.2 Skin and scuba diving shall be permitted from the Fort Lauderdale Beach under the following regulations:

7.2(a) All divers must be accompanied by at least one other diver.

7.2(b) Each diver is equipped with a buoyancy compensator.

7.2(c) Divers must have an approved diver's down flag displayed in accordance with Statutes of the State of Florida.

7.2(d) Scuba divers must remain a minimum of 100 yards offshore, except when entering or leaving the water.

7.2(e) Divers using mask, snorkel, and fins within 50 yards are permitted and are considered bathers. If skin divers desire to go beyond 50 yards, then all other requirements of Rule 7.2 applicable to scuba divers must be met.

7.2(f) The use or possession of spear guns or similar weapons is prohibited on the beach. Such weapons may be transported via legally launched watercraft to a minimum distance of 150 yards offshore. During such transportation, weapons must be handled safely in an unarmed condition.

7.2(g) Scuba instruction by private enterprise is prohibited.

7.2(h) Scuba entry through the designated boat launching area(s) or surfing area(s) is prohibited.

7.3 Use of boats and watercraft are subject to the following regulations:

7.3(a) Motorized and non-motorized watercraft must remain a minimum of 200 yards offshore, unless being launched or returned to a designated boat launching area of the beach.

7.3(b) Motorized and non-motorized watercraft are allowed to launch or return pursuant to the conditions of City Ordinance No. C-93-26.

7.3(c) The launching area and channel are for launching and returning watercraft only. Watercraft may not anchor or interfere with the use of the channel area.

7.3(d) No watercraft may be kept on the beach overnight, except those properly registered with the City to stay in designated areas.

7.4 The following beach regulations are intended to reduce safety hazards which may cause injury to beach patrons:

7.4(a) Playing ball, Frisbee, flying kites, or any other game that may endanger patrons on the beach or in the water, is limited to designated times and areas as posted or as determined by park officials.

7.4(b) Fishing or netting of fish is limited to the hours of 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. when on the beach and must be conducted in a safe manner. All debris, bait, fish line and hooks, and other fishing equipment or tackle must be removed from the beach after fishing has been conducted.

Exception: Surf fishing is limited to the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. in the area between NE 18 Street to NE 23 Street only.

7.4(c) Dogs and pets are prohibited on the sandy portion of the beach, except for guide dogs used by people with seeing, hearing or other disabilities or the area that is designated as Canine Beach (see 4.1 c).

7.4(d) Fires are restricted to picnic grills provided by the City in the designated picnic area only. Grill fires are restricted to charcoal only and must be monitored at all times.

7.4(e) Surfing is allowed in designated surfing areas only.

7.4(f) Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the beach.

7.4(g) Bottles and glass containers are prohibited on the beach.

7.4(h) Digging holes or erecting tents, canopies and fencing is prohibited.

7.4(i) Unauthorized use of lifeguard towers is prohibited.

7.4(j) Anyone requested to do so must move out of the way of Police, Beach Patrol, Park Ranger, or other Government Service vehicles.

7.4(k) No person shall interfere with Police, Lifeguards or Park Rangers or Park Personnel in the performance of their lawful duties.

7.5 The following regulations are intended to eliminate nuisance activity on the beach and provide patrons with a pleasant environment in which to recreate:

7.5(a) Loud music or noise which annoys or disturbs beach patrons is prohibited.

7.5(b) All commercial photography is prohibited unless prior written permission has been obtained from the City Manager's Office.

7.5(c) Soliciting, begging or panhandling is prohibited.

7.5(d) Removing trash and debris from waste receptacles requires a written permit from the Parks and Recreation Department. Such a permit shall be issued under specific criteria determined by that Department.

7.5(e) Use of picnic tables for other than picnic purposes is prohibited. Proper use of tables for picnicking is on a first come, first serve basis. Holding tables for patrons who have not arrived is prohibited.

7.5(f) Drying clothes by hanging them on trees, bushes, tables or in or around rest rooms is prohibited.

7.5(g) Attaching hammocks to trees, showers or structures is prohibited.

7.5(h) Beach sea oat and dune plantings are protected, and no person shall cut, damage, or remove such plants from the beach.

7.5(i) No person shall discharge any fireworks on any portion of the City Beach unless done as part of a special event authorized by the City. Fireworks shall mean any combustible or explosive composition or substance or combination of substance or any article prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration or detonation, including sparklers.