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Development Review Committee (DRC)


DRC meeting

The Development Review Committee (DRC) is made up of City staff representing various City departments and divisions including Urban Design & Planning, Engineering, Transportation, Sanitation, Police and Fire, among others who provide their respective discipline’s input regarding development applications subject to the development review provisions of the City’s Code. In general, the applications fall into the following categories and review thresholds:

Site Plan Level II

Site Plan Level III

Site Plan Level IV

Development Review Committee
  • New Nonresidential greater than 5,000 SF
  • Residential 5 units or more
  • Nonresidential use within 100’ of residential property
  • Redevelopment proposals
    (if threshold met)
  • Change in use
    (if greater impact)

 Planning And Zoning Board

  • Conditional use
  • Parking reduction
  • Flex allocation
  • Cluster development
  • Modification of yards
    (RMM-25, RMH-25, RMH-60)
  • Waterway use
    (some exceptions)

City Commission

  • Rezoning
  • Right-of-way vacation
  • Plat approval
  • Public purpose use
  • Land use amendment
  • Specified development, yard modifications in certain beach districts

City Commission (no P&Z review)

  • Plat Amendment
  • Vacation of Easement


Development Review Committee Agendas and Comments

*Please note the project attachments represent selected files to help relay a general understanding of the project. Any additional submitted materials may be provided upon request or viewed as hard copy plans at the Department of Sustainable Development at: 700 NW 19th Avenue. Fort Lauderdale FL 33311

Development Review Committee Process Flowchart

See the detailed 2017 Development Review Committee (DRC) Meeting Dates and Deadlines schedule

2017 Development Review Committee (DRC) Meeting Dates
Please note that an application is not scheduled for a DRC agenda until it is deemed complete by Staff

January 10, 2017
(Deadline: December 9, 2016)
(Deemed complete: December 16, 2016)

May 9
(Deadline: April 7)
(Deemed complete: April 14)

September 12
(Deadline: August 4)
(Deemed complete: August 11)

January 24 
(Deadline: December 23, 2016)
(Deemed complete: December 30, 2016)

May 23 
(Deadline: April 21)
(Deemed complete: April 28)

September 26 
(Deadline: August 18)
(Deemed complete: August 25)

February 14
(Deadline: January 13)
(Deemed complete: January 20)

June 13
(Deadline: May 12)
(Deemed complete: May 19)

October 10
(Deadline: September 1)
(Deemed complete: September 8)

February 28 
(Deadline: January 27)
(Deemed complete: February 3)

June 27 
(Deadline: May 26)
(Deemed complete: June 2)

October 24 
(Deadline: September 15)
(Deemed complete: September 22)

March 14
(Deadline: February 10)
(Deemed complete: February 17)

July 11
(Deadline: June 2)
(Deemed complete: June 9)

November 14
(Deadline: October 6)
(Deemed complete: October 13)

March 28 
(Deadline: February 24)
(Deemed complete: March 3)

July 25 
(Deadline: June 16)
(Deemed complete: June 23)

November 28 
(Deadline: October 20)
(Deemed complete: October 27)

April 11 
(Deadline: March 10)
(Deemed complete: March 17)

August 8 
(Deadline: June 30)
(Deemed complete: July 7)

December 12
(Deadline: November 3)
(Deemed complete: November 10)

April 25 
(Deadline: March 24)
(Deemed complete: March 30)

August 22 
(Deadline: July 14)
(Deemed complete: July 21)


Submission and Additional Information
Applications are received prior to 12:00 PM each business day.  The Urban Design & Planning Division reviews all applications to determine completeness within five (5) business days.  Applicants will be notified via e-mail, if plans do not meet the submittal requirements and if changes are required. Prior to formal submittal of a Development Review Committee application, applicants are requested to schedule an appointment with Urban Design & Planning Division staff to obtain initial feedback regarding subject proposals, rezoning and right-of-way vacation requests, as well as any other considerable development projects. This no-cost meeting provides the applicant with an opportunity to obtain feedback and general direction, prior to expending significant effort on design and preparation of submittal documents. To schedule an appointment, applicants may contact Nadia Martin via email at Please be sure to include the property address and a brief narrative explaining the type of development proposed and any clarifications requested.

DRC representatives from applicable City departments are present at DRC meetings for questions and comments. DRC comments are available by noon on the Friday before the DRC meeting.  All prior DRC comments and comments are available to view on-line.

Optional 15-minute time slots are available during DRC meetings for scheduling to applicants, to obtain signatures on completed DRC plans, including Pre-Planning and Zoning Board, Pre-City Commission and Final DRC plans, from all representatives at one time, in preference to scheduling individual appointments.  Appointments are subject to availability.  Please call 954-828-6136 by Friday at 12:00 noon prior to the DRC meeting date to schedule an appointment.