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Driving Safety Tips -- Promoting Safety on the Roads


It is no secret that the City of Fort Lauderdale has become a favorite destination for many people. And whether folks come here to live, work or play, we all share one thing in common -- we all drive! Unfortunately, many drivers are not as familiar as they should be with traffic laws intended to promote safe and courteous driving.

In an effort to raise awareness of existing laws, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department is highlighting one particular traffic law (otherwise known as a Florida Traffic Statute) designed to promote safety on the roads. This statute is especially significant now, considering how active our storm and hurricane season has become. In the months to follow, the City of Fort Lauderdale will highlight other traffic laws on the City website to promote safe and considerate driving by all residents and visitors in the area.

Florida Traffic Statute 316.1235

Stop SignVehicle Approaching Intersection in Which the Traffic Lights are Inoperative

"The driver of a vehicle approaching an intersection in which the traffic lights are inoperative (are not working) shall stop (as if it were a stop sign)…"

In other words, if the traffic lights at an intersection are completely or partially out (which occurs often during the South Florida storm season), all drivers shall come to a complete stop before entering this intersection, just as you would if a stop sign was posted at the intersection.

Please remember safe driving is everyone's responsibility!