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Hello Softball Fans,
Thank you for your interest in playing recreational softball at Mills Pond Park. The Place to Play!

The next registration period for softball will be in January 2018

1. Registered captains will receive a phone call with you first game information. Game schedules will then be posted on the webpage. All League scheduling and standings will be posted online at

2. Please stop by the softball office to pick up your scorebook, rulebook, and roster form before your first game. Please collect your players' photo IDs and bring them along with your completed roster to the softball trailer before your first game. Players must sign the roster to be eligible to play. Signatures must match photo ID. There is an Add/Drop period that will end on the 7th game when your playoff roster is due. Original rosters will be used if no playoff roster is submitted.

3. We ask that you DO NOT PRINT the schedule as there is a lot of fluctuation that occurs during the season, especially the first 2 weeks of the season. Please remember to always REFRESH the schedule on the webpage to get the most current information.

4. Rainout Hotline: 954-828-5977 ext.1 or 954-828-0530 or download our RainOut Line App from the App Store or Android market or visit

5. Registration includes: 10 regular season games, 6:45pm, 7:45pm, 8:45pm , and 9:45pm start times. Twelve awards for season and playoff champions. Team Plaque for season and playoff champion and season runner up.

6. Park Rules: Coolers or any outside food and beverages are prohibited within the complex. Pets are prohibited at Mills Pond Park. Do not leave valuables in your vehicles.

Free agents are encouraged to attend our Free Agent tryouts held before the start of the season. Coaches are invited to meet the free agents & and observe tryouts. If you are interested and the season is already under way then we invite you to join us during the week to meet coaches. Fill out the Free Agent Form

The pitching screen is a rectangle screen that is placed in front of the pitching rubber.

1. A batted ball that hits a portion of the pitching screen will be declared a foul ball
and there will be no advance of the runners. A batter will be called out if they hit the
screen twice during the same at bat. The courtesy foul will not apply when this occurs.

A. A batter with a 1-2 count who hits the net for the first time will be allowed a courtesy
foul if they have not already used it.

B. A batter can hit the screen one time and be called out such as when a batter has 1-2 count and has already used their courtesy foul and proceeds to hit the net.

2. The pitcher must let the umpire know where they want the screen to be placed
each inning before a pitch is thrown. The pitching screen must remain no more
than 2 feet in front of the pitching rubber, and must protect at least 50% of the rubber.

3. The screen will not be moved once a pitch has been thrown to start an inning.

4. Any thrown ball that hits the pitching screen will remain a live ball.

5. Any pop fly in the vicinity of the pitching screen, in the umpire’s judgment, regardless
of how many players are on base, will be treated as a dead ball out. There will
be no advance of the runners.

Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the game and protect the safety of all players.
Technology has continued to produce bats that are more durable with a larger sweet spot and more power. These bat advances have changed the game. Unfortunately some players feel they need an additional advantage and do a variety of things to their bats to increase its performance beyond the allowed criteria. When used, these bats are both potentially dangerous to defensive players and give the batter an undeserved competitive edge. With this in mind, we will test bats to try to eliminate these illegal bats and the cheater players that use them. A portable bat compression tester will be used to conduct the tests. For more information see rule 4.2 in the Mills Pond softball rules book.

You may contact the directors at the numbers below.

Saturday March 3rd Manny Ferrero, 1-786-245-3243
Saturday March 10th Scott Devlin 1-754-422-2043
Saturday March 17th Ralph Calderon, 1-321-436-4196
Saturday March 24th Vincent Gomez 1-305-9150186

Saturday April 7th Ralph Calderon, 1-321-436-4196
Saturday April 14th Scott Devlin 1-754-422-2043
Saturday April 21st Manny Ferrero, 1-786-245-3243
Saturday April 28th Vincent Gomez 1-305-9150186

Saturday May 12th Scott Devlin 1-754-422-2043
Saturday May 19th Manny Ferrero, 1-786-245-3243
Saturday May 26th Vincent Gomez 1-305-9150186
Saturday May 5th Ralph Calderon, 1-321-436-4196

Saturday June 2nd Scott Devlin 1-754-422-2043
Saturday June 9th Ralph Calderon, 1-321-436-4196
Saturday June 16th Vincent Gomez 1-305-9150186
Saturday June 23rd Manny Ferrero, 1-786-245-3243

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