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WaterWorks 2011

In its ongoing commitment to providing citizens with high quality public services, the City of Fort Lauderdale is implementing the WaterWorks 2011 program. This water and wastewater master plan will improve the City's water and wastewater infrastructure to provide the most up-to-date, cost-efficient water service and to improve the quality and reliability of the City's drinking water system.

The three major components of the program are to provide state-of-the-art water treatment, to install a modern, citywide sewer service that will protect the environment and promote a healthier lifestyle, and to make comprehensive utility infrastructure improvements.

The primary goal of the WaterWorks 2011 initiative is to complete a water and wastewater system by 2011 that complies with state and federal regulations and will withstand continuous usage over time.

Sewer Connection Fee Calculation and Other Fees for Residential Properties

  • Single Family Home - $1,000
  • Duplex - $2,000
  • Triplex - $3,000
  • Multi-family Residential - $805 per dwelling unit (for properties with four or more units)

Exemptions: The Riverland Annexed (Chula Vista, SA 19-A, and Riverland Isles, SA 19-B) and Twin Lakes North areas are NOT required to pay the Connection Fee. Under the Riverland Annexation Agreement, property owners located in the Riverland Annexed Area are exempt from paying Connection Fees. Broward County contributed $700,000 to the City, and the City agreed not to charge Connection Fees to residential properties in the area. Under the Twin Lakes North Annexation Agreement, Broward County also contributed the Connection Fee. Property owners in these areas will be responsible for the on-site re-plumbing of the property to connect to the new sewers (including septic tank abandonment) and will be required to pay the monthly sewer user charge and the 10% surcharge.

Connection Fee Calculation and Other Fees for Non-Residential Properties

To calculate the Connection Fees for Non-Residential Properties, you will need the following:

  • The most recent 36 months of water consumption. If you do not have 36 months worth of water bills you can obtain the consumption from the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Water Billing Department (Phone 954-828-5150). Keep in mind that the consumption numbers they give you are in thousands.
  • The number of billing days for each months water consumption. The number of billing days is defined as the number of days from one meter read date to the next.

How to calculate your non-residential property fee:

  1. Obtain the three highest months of water consumption from the most recent 36 months.
  2. Add the three highest months of water consumption to obtain the total water consumption.
  3. Obtain the number of billing days for each month.
  4. Add the number of billing days for each month for the total number of billing days.
  5. Divide the total water consumption by the total number of billing days. This gives you the daily consumption rate.
  6. Divide the daily consumption rate by 300, (300 represents 300 gallons per day which is 1 Equivalent Residential Connection or ERC rate). This will give you the ERC rate.
  7. The ERC rate is then multiplied by $1,000. This amount is your Connection Fee.

Example: The three highest months of water consumption and the number of billing days for each water bill are as follows:



Billing Days













The total consumption for the three highest months is 254,000. The total number of billing days is 87. Therefore, the daily consumption rate is 2,919.54. The ERC rate is calculated by dividing the daily consumption rate by 300 gallons per day or as follows: 2,919.54/300. The ERC rate is 9.73180. Therefore, the Connection Fee is $9,731.80.

NOTE: The Connection Fee you calculate will only be an ESTIMATE of the actual Connection Fee you will be required to pay. WaterWorks 2011 will obtain the most recent 36 months of water consumption once the sewer area is certified as complete by the Broward County Development Management Division and the City Engineer sets the Project Completion Date. The highest months may differ slightly from your calculation.
Also, in the event where past water use is not a basis for estimating maximum current water use or where there has not been water service for the past twelve months, the Connection Fee will be calculated using Table A of the Guidelines for Calculating Sanitary Sewer Connection Fees PDF File.

Additional Costs for Residential Properties and Non-Residential Properties


  • Broward County Development Management Division (approximately $50). Fees for commercial and multi-residential properties will be determined at time of review.
  • City of Fort Lauderdale (approximately $60)

Plumbing Contractor Costs

  • It is estimated to cost approximately $1,500 – $3,500 to properly abandon your septic tank and install the plumbing pipe from your house to the sewer lateral connection that the City will install at your property line.

Sewer Service Fees

  • You will also have to pay a sewer service fee as part of your monthly utility bill. For a typical single family home, you can expect to pay and average monthly bill for sanitary sewer service between $33 and $44 per month. This monthly fee covers the cost to process the sewage and includes a 10% surcharge that will be in effect for a 20-year period, as required for payment of funding for the WaterWorks 2011 Program. The monthly sewer charge will appear 90 days after the sanitary sewer system is certified as complete.

Financing is Available Through the City

The City of Fort Lauderdale will only finance the connection fee for the one homesteaded property unit you live in. Commercial properties and other units you may own such as rentals or investment properties, which are subject to the mandatory Connection Fee, are not eligible for financing.
The City will finance your Connection Fee if you meet one of the following:

  • You own, live in, and have a homestead exemption on your single family home. The City will finance the $1,000 Connection Fee.
  • You own, live in, and have a homestead exemption on the unit that you reside in, of your duplex or triplex. The City will finance $1,000 of the Connection Fee owed.
  • You own, live in, and have a homestead exemption on your condominium unit. The City will finance the $805 Connection Fee.

You can make the necessary financing arrangements for your homesteaded unit with the Water Billing Department of the City of Fort Lauderdale, after you receive the Preliminary Connection Notification letter - notifying you of the option to connect to the sewer system prior to the mandatory 90-day connection period. Financing is at a rate of six percent interest over five years for a $1,000 connection fee; this results in a $19.33 per month payment. The payment for financing your Connection Fee will be added to your monthly water bill 90 days after the Project Completion Date.

As soon as you receive your Preliminary Connection Notification letter, you will need to visit the Water Billing office on the first floor of City Hall at 100 N. Andrews Avenue and sign a Promissory Note. The Deadline to sign up for the option to finance your Connection Fee is the last day of the mandatory 90-day connection period.

If you have any questions about the financing plan, you can call the Water Billing Department at 954-828-6545.

City of Fort Lauderdale Waterworks 2011 Sewer Connection Grant Program

The WaterWorks 2011 SEWER CONNECTION GRANT PROGRAM provides zero interest, forgivable loans to qualified property owners to pay the $1000 connection fee required to connect to the City’s new sewer system, and provides a certified and licensed plumbing contractor free of charge to connect your home to the new sanitary sewer system, and abandon your septic tank.

The forgivable loan is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the State of Florida. You do not pay back the loan as long as you maintain ownership of the property for three years after receiving the loan.

You must own the home and permanently resides there. You must also have Homestead Exemption and your household income cannot exceed the following:










$38, 250










  • The home MUST be a single family, detached structure. Duplex homes, rental homes, condos and apartments are not eligible for this program.
  • ALL income - including salaries, child support, alimony, social security, disability, pension, any money that comes into your household no matter from what source, etc. - for the applicant and ALL members of the household cannot exceed the federal very low-income guidelines as previously stated.
  • You will be required to complete an application, provide certain documents, and meet all of HUD and State of Florida requirements. All information in the application will be verified. (See HUD Fraud information below).

City staff will help you complete the application and guide you through the process. Please call the Grants Administrator at 954-828-4502 for further information.


Think About This -- Is Fraud Worth It? Do You Realize . . .

If you commit fraud to obtain assisted housing from HUD, you could be:

  • Required to repay all money received.
  • Fined up to $10,000.
  • Imprisoned for up to 5 years.
  • Prohibited from receiving future assistance
  • Subject to state and local government penalties.

Do You Know . . .

You are committing fraud if you sign a form knowing that you provided false or misleading information.

The information you provide on your grant application will be checked. The local housing agency, HUD, or the Office of Inspector General will check the income and asset information you provide with other federal, state, or local governments and with private agencies. Certifying false information is fraud.

So Be Careful!

When you complete your application make sure your answers to the questions are accurate and honest. You must include for you and/or any member of household:

  • The names of everyone, adults or children, relatives and non-relatives, who are living in your home.
  • All sources of income from everyone in the household.
  • Any money received on behalf of children such as child support, AFDC payments, etc.
  • Any expected increase in wages, new job, bonus, etc.
  • All assets such as bank accounts, savings bonds, CD’s, stocks, real estate, etc.
  • All income from assets, such as interest from savings and checking accounts, dividends, etc.
  • Any business or asset that you sold in the last two years at less than full value.

Ask Questions
If you don’t understand something on the application, always ask questions. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Report Fraud
If you know of anyone who provided false information on a HUD housing assistance application, report the person to the HUD Office of Inspector General Hotline. You can call the Hotline toll-free at 1-800-347-3735.

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