Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale: Our Vision 2035
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Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale: Our Vision 2035

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Vision Progress Report

The citywide vision plan, Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale, was unanimously adopted by the Commission in April 2013. Since then, we have been working diligently with our neighbors to make the community vision a reality. Read a comprehensive update on our progress PDF File.

The year 2011 marked the celebration of Fort Lauderdale’s Centennial. The historic milestone offered us an opportunity to observe and honor our City’s past. It was a time when neighbors young and old could reflect upon how Fort Lauderdale began, recognize the challenges we had overcome, and appreciate the accomplishments we had achieved. Now, in 2013, it is time to look ahead. It is time to prepare for our coming challenges and to anticipate the many opportunities that still await us. It is time to Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale!

To thoughtfully chart a course for our future, the City has developed a Vision Plan, the heart of which is our 2035 Vision Statement. Our Vision Statement is an inspirational view of the future and what our community wants to become. It is a fusion of the collective values and aspirations that have been expressed by a diverse cross-section of our neighbors over the past two-and-a-half years through the citywide Visioning initiative. The outreach effort that took place was extensive, collecting 1,562 unique ideas PDF File from our highly active and invested community. It became apparent early on that we are a forward-looking community that is strongly invested in the progressive future and developing legacy of our City.

Our Vision will become our City’s greatest strength by allowing us to peer into the future and lend shape to the unknown. Together, through the Vision, we have been able to plan for the future of our City with imagination and thoughtful wisdom. Today, we lay the foundation for what Fort Lauderdale will look like in 2035. What will our streets look like? How will our neighbors move around? Where will they live? Where will they work? How will they be educated? What will they do for recreation and amusement? These questions and many more are addressed throughout the Vision Plan.

We invite you to journey with us to the Fort Lauderdale of 2035, as envisioned by you, our neighbors.

Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale!

Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale: Our Vision 2035

We are pleased to announce that the City Commission has voted unanimously to adopt the citywide vision plan PDF File, Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale. We invite you to read the plan and look forward to working with all of our partners to implement it and bring the hopes and aspirations of our community to fruition.

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Read the entire Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale: Our Vision 2035 as an online, interactive flipbook!

(If you prefer, individual PDF files of the various sections are available for download below. A hard copy of the Vision Plan is also available at the Reference Desk at the Broward County Main Library, which is located at 100 South Andrews Avenue.)

Vision Statement


We are connected. PDF File We move seamlessly and easily through a safe transportation system where the pedestrian is first.


We are ready. PDF File We are a resilient and safe coastal community.


We are community. PDF File We are a neighborhood of neighborhoods.


We are here. PDF File We are an urban center and a vacationland in the heart of South Florida.


We are prosperous. PDF File We are a subtropical City, an urban laboratory for education and business.


We are united. PDF File We are a strong and vibrant kaleidoscope of multi-generational cultures, ethnicities, and community partners.


We are Fort Lauderdale, a community of choice. WE ARE THE CITY YOU NEVER WANT TO LEAVE.

Executive Summary

We cannot predict what the next 22 years will bring to our families, our work life, our City, or our world. Together, however, we can shape our own destiny. Through more than 1,500 ideas PDF File gathered from the City of Fort Lauderdale’s community Visioning process, in 2035, we will realize the importance of our collective passion, insight, and ability.

The concepts and ideas that form the foundation of this Vision Plan were gathered during a massive community outreach effort that utilized a variety of mechanisms including personal interviews, an interactive website, Meetings-In-A-Box, Telephone Town Hall Meetings, a Big Ideas event, and a Neighbor Summit. A statistically valid Neighbor Survey was conducted as well, which provided community-wide opinions about the quality of life in Fort Lauderdale. The Visioning Committee and City Staff Team listened, and, through this plan, we paint the picture of our collective aspirations. The 2035 Vision Plan is a remarkable compilation of big ideas that will guide our decision-making for many years to come. We have identified our future realities, hopes, dreams, and ambitions for this place we call home. We have articulated our 2035 Vision for the City of Fort Lauderdale.

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Moving Forward: The Implementation Plan

As much as big ideas have been our inspiration, action is essential. This is, first and foremost, a community Vision Plan, and City government can by no means accomplish this without partners. Community leaders, civic groups, neighborhood associations, developers, large and small business owners, primary and secondary education, colleges and universities, and regional, state, and local governments, this is your Plan as well. Over the coming days, months, and years, we look forward to sharing our community’s Vision and partnering with you to make Fort Lauderdale, “The City you never want to leave” by 2035.

We at the City of Fort Lauderdale are preparing our organization for the implementation of the 2035 Vision with a number of tools. These tools include our Neighbor Survey, five-year Strategic Plan, Commission Annual Action Plan, Fiscal Year Budget, five-year Community Investment Plan, Department Scorecards, FL2 STAT Meetings and other key plans. We have even conceptualized a 2035 Vision Scorecard to track our community’s progress towards achieving specific aspects of the 2035 Vision. This is how we will prioritize the 2035 Vision - by taking small steps to achieve a big vision. These tools are designed to help elected officials and staff prioritize, fund, and complete the projects that will form Fort Lauderdale 2035. We are fortunate to have a strong fabric of civic associations, Advisory Boards and Committees, and community leaders that participated in the Visioning process, support the Visioning Plan, and will continue to be essential to its implementation.

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Measuring Our Success: The Vision Scorecard

Tracking progress is crucial to Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale. The Vision Scorecard will be a living document that will evolve as the years pass by. It will show our successes and where we need to focus more attention in order to reach our goals.

The Vision Scorecard is a clear and simple depiction of the high-level key community and performance indicators that best represent the overarching desired outcome of the associated Vision direction. The 2035 Vision is a community vision; one that we cannot achieve without the help of our partners. Some of the indicators included in the Scorecard are not under the direct control of City government but they are important to the quality of life in Fort Lauderdale and important to examine as we work together to achieve our collective goals. The Vision Scorecard is akin to the 10% of the iceberg visible above water. Below it will be more specific operational and project specific performance indicators that will be monitored through the City’s FL²STAT performance management system that includes five-year strategic planning, Department Scorecards, and one-year action plans.

Conceptually, the Scorecard is symbolized as a circle that is segmented into six pie pieces, each representing a Vision direction. Within each Vision direction are smaller slices of the pie that represent specific performance indicators.

At the beginning of Vision implementation each of the six pie pieces will be represented by its own distinct bright color. As we see accomplishments and move closer to achieving our Vision, the pie pieces will darken and begin to merge. When our 2035 Vision is a reality, the pie will no longer be divided into six individual pieces and colors, but instead, will be one – one fully connected, unified, and integrated circle reflecting progress and achievements much greater than the sum of its individual parts.

For example, one of the goals of the Vision for 2035 is We Are Connected - we can move seamlessly through the City and use multiple methods of transportation to get to our destination. An indicator of our progress toward becoming more connected could be the percentage of the City’s Connectivity Map that has been completed. This measurement is represented by the slice of the Scorecard labeled “Complete Streets.” As the Connectivity Map nears completion, the “Complete Streets” slice of the pie will change from yellow to dark blue, the same color as other successful elements in the Scorecard. Ultimately, all of our pieces will be connected, making our pie whole, strong and vibrant, like our City.

The final content and administration of the Vision Scorecard will be developed with community partners in the months following Vision Plan adoption. A conceptual Vision Scorecard has been included in the plan to illustrate how the final Vision Scorecard will look. The top four idea groups within each of the Vision directions serve as placeholders for the eventual Vision Plan indicators that will be measured over time.

  • See the entire Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale: Our Vision 2035 Vision Scorecard PDF File.

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Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale