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Learn more about the Wave Streetcar

Post Date:June 15, 2017 4:16 PM

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The Wave Streetcar brings a modern transit service to Downtown Fort Lauderdale and is part of a planned regional transportation system. It will integrate with a full spectrum of mobility options including rail, commuter, and community buses, rideshare services, biking, and walking. Extensions to other major destinations within Broward County are already being planned. 

  • The Wave is a 2.8 mile light rail streetcar circulator with 13 stations in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The project is “shovel‐ready” and is scheduled by the Florida Department of Transportation to be bid for construction in the second quarter of 2017.
  • The Wave supports and directs growth to the urban core of the County, where increased development intensity is not only permitted but planned and encouraged.
  • Investment in the Wave has helped spur major private investment in downtown Fort Lauderdale, with more than $3 billion of real estate development planned, approved, under construction, or completed within the past five years. The system is already beginning to pay for itself through increases in property value and real estate investment.
  • The $195 million project would support 4,200 jobs, including 2,630 construction and related jobs; and an additional 1,580 longer term jobs associated with economic productivity. Overall, this results in $473 million in economic output to the local and regional economy.
  •  The Wave Streetcar has strong support from all of the project partners, federal, state, county, and city. The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, Downtown Development Authority, and the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority also continue to be active and supportive partners in both project approach and funding.
  • There is a complete funding plan in place, which includes federal, state, and local commitments. For every $1 of local funding, the project has received $3 of state and federal money.
  • The project finance plan, approved by the Federal Transportation Administration, includes a modest property tax assessment on downtown residents and property owners to pay a portion of the local share; an assessment that has already been collected for two years as the project is approaching construction.
  • This first project phase will include the latest battery powered technology to allow the streetcar to go off wire for approximately ½ mile during the S.E. 3rd Avenue Bridge crossing. The streetcars will have the capability to be upgraded as technology evolves and the system expands.
  • Recent streetcar systems across the country have realized significantly more riders than projections originally predicted, which is anticipated for the Wave streetcar as well.
  • In addition to the streetcar service, the project will add important community improvements within the route:
    • A 20‐25 year upgrade on the S.E. 3rd Avenue Bridge mechanical and electrical system
    • Upgrades to existing aging water and stormwater utility infrastructure
    • New sidewalks and upgraded ADA ramps
    • New pedestrian crosswalks and upgrades to existing crosswalks
    • New street lighting in some areas
    • Upgrades to existing street lighting
    • Three new traffic signals
    • New security cameras
    • Art throughout downtown at the stations
    • Milling and surfacing and new pavement markings along the entire alignment


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