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October Report: 61% of Targeted Mainlines Rehabilitated

Post Date:October 09, 2019 2:00 PM

A new, October report shows impressive successes with the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Inflow & Infiltration Prevention Program; 61% of targeted wastewater mainlines have been rehabilitated.

The City is investing $33.2 million in Inflow and Infiltration Prevention projects to remove stormwater from the wastewater system, which is the most cost-effective way to improve the level of service for a wastewater system.

The City’s plan addresses over 41 miles of main line pipe and 4,300 lateral services in six high-priority basins, including Downtown, Dorsey-Riverbend, Victoria Park, Flagler Heights, Central Beach and Rio Vista.

In their latest report, Hazen and Sawyer, a local engineering firm working in conjunction with the City, shows fast progress is being made to identify defects and improper connections that have allowed the inflow and infiltration of stormwater and groundwater into the wastewater system.

When water from heavy rainfall events improperly enters a wastewater system, it can overwhelm the system’s capacity and cause wastewater overflows into neighborhoods and waterways. Completion of the projects has been deemed a top environmental priority.

The October 2019 report, released this week, shows significant progress:

ƒƒ 91% of manhole inspections completed

ƒƒ 94% of main line video inspections completed

ƒƒ 99% of main lines and laterals smoke tested

ƒƒ 61% of main lines rehabilitated

ƒƒ 50% of laterals rehabilitated or closed

ƒƒ 205 defects found through smoke testing

The wastewater basin inspections include the assessment of main lines, laterals, manholes and cleanouts using smoke testing, robotic video surveys, and visual inspections.

This important program will help decrease the inflow and infiltration of stormwater and groundwater into the wastewater system, which will reduce the risk of wastewater overflows, improve system capacity, and save money for the unneeded and costly treatment of stormwater and groundwater.

I&I 100819

Six high-priority basins have been targeted, including Downtown (A-7), Dorsey-Riverbend (A-18), Victoria Park (A-19), Flagler Heights (A-21), Central Beach (D-40) and Rio Vista (D-43).

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