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City Attorney's Office - Municipal Prosecutors

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600 South Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Telephone: 954-828-4553 -   Facsimile: 954-468-1550

The City Prosecutor's Office is responsible for the prosecution of all criminal violations of the City's code of ordinances, as well as a number of state misdemeanors and county ordinance violations. The number of cases presented to our office by the arresting agency determines our workload.  Therefore, close inter-agency coordination is required to ensure that proper arrests are being made.  When cases are presented to the City Prosecutor's Office for filing, each case is reviewed and a determination is made as to whether to prosecute the case.  There are generally four ways that a case, once filed, may be disposed of:  by plea agreement, nolle prossed, verdict at trial, or dismissal.  Other responsibilities of the City Prosecutor's Office include: 

  • Review and make filing decisions on all municipal ordinance arrests. state misdemeanor and county ordinance violations presented to the office.
  • Review case filing and intake from citizens and victims requesting municipal cases to be filed on alleged violations of the law not occurring in a police officer's presence.
  • Represents the City at all first appearance hearings on municipal ordinance arrests.
  • Represents the City  in all County Court arraignments on all City prosecutions.
  • Represents the City at all calendar call hearings and plea negotiations.
  • Trial attorney for all criminal prosecutions in County Court cases filed by the City.
  • Represents the City on municipal/misdemeanor appeals and violation of probation hearings.
  • Seeks to recover costs of prosecutions through jail-time sentences, fines, court costs, bond estreatures and community service work programs.   
  • Assist in the confiscation of evidence and destruction of contraband.
  • Recover restitution on behalf of victims in municipal prosecutions.
  • Assisting in regulating and ensuring compliance in community service work programs.
  • Represents the City at mental health court proceedings, misdemeanor drug court and veteran court proceedings.
  • Supervise and assist legal interns as part of local law schools clinical programs.
  • Assist in collection efforts to recoup Public Defender fees.
  • Meet with witnesses, prepare for and represent the City on all prosecutions before the Nuisance Abatement Board.
  • Files conflict counsel lien forms on City Public Defender cases.

The City Attorney’s Office is not authorized to provide legal advice to the general public. Please see our community legal resources page for suggested sites of entities that may be able to assist with your legal needs.