Charter Revision Board


NOTE: The City's Charter Revision Board has reconvened. It meets the first Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm in the City Hall first floor chambers. The charter is the foundation of how the City's government functions in terms of distribution of powers and checks and balances. The charter may be viewed online. The board encourages public participation. Citizens may provide information directly to the board by attending meetings and by e-mail to All e-mails will be presented to the board at their next meeting.


Tell us what is on your mind! The public is invited to submit comments on any of the agenda items listed below.

  • Simply click "SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS" to e-mail your input about an agenda to the appropriate parties.
  • Comments must be submitted no later than 48 hours prior to the start of a meeting.
  • Keep in mind that your e-mail address, comments, and other information will become part of the official public record, as required by Florida law.  If you do not want your personal information included in the official record, do not proceed.

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February 7, 2019 - Meeting cancelled.


January 3, 2019 - Meeting cancelled.





November 1, 2018 - Meeting cancelled.


October 4, 2018


May 3, 2018


April 5, 2018 - Meeting cancelled.


February 1, 2018


NOTE: Agendas and minutes are posted in PDF format.