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Virtual City Commission Meetings

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In an effort to encourage people to stay at home, limit public gatherings, and slow the spread of the coronavirus, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis waived state requirements for local governments to have in-person quorums for public meetings as part of Executive Order 20-69. As a result, the City of Fort Lauderdale is hosting virtual Commission meetings using audio/video conferencing software until further notice.

The public can listen to and view virtual meetings on FLTV, YouTube, Zoom, Comcast Channel 78, and AT&T U-verse Channel 99. Agendas may be viewed at

Upcoming Meetings

The City Commission regularly meets the first and third Tuesday of every month. Meetings are listed on the City's event calendar. The next City Commission meetings will be held on Tuesday, July 7, 2020.

View Agendas

How to Watch & Listen to Meetings

Globe-256 FLTV

FLTV is streamed online at

Watch Live Broadcast on FLTV Now


yt_icon_mono_light YouTube

Subscribe to the City's channel at

Watch Live Broadcast via YouTube Now


zoom logo Dblue Zoom

You can view or listen to the July 7, 2020 meetings online via Zoom at

If you can only join by phone:

  • Webinar ID: 160 239 7595
  • Dial In: +1 669 254 5252  or +1 646 828 7666
  • Password: 1911

For technical assistance, please call 954-828-3587.

Watch the Virtual Meeting via Zoom Now


Virtual-Apps-256 System Requirements

To watch website streams or participate in virtual meetings, we suggest that you use the latest version of your internet browser.

  • Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • Edge version 25 or later
  • Chrome version 80 or later
  • Firefox 80 or later
  • Safari 11.0 or Later

Television-256 TV

Meetings will be broadcast live on television on the following channels:

  • Comcast Channel 78
  • U-verse Channel 99

How to Join Meetings as a Speaker & Submit Comments

Microphone-03-256Sign Up to Speak on an Agenda Item

Click "Sign Up to Speak" to complete a virtual speaker card form and submit it to the City Clerk's Office. Please sign up as soon in advance of the meeting as possible to allow time to test your audio.

Sign Up to Speak

  1. View the meeting agenda to identify the item number you would like to speak on.
  2. Sign up to speak by filling out a Speaker Card Form.
  3. Receive an email invite with instructions on how to join the meeting. The email invite will be sent out no earlier than the day prior to the meeting date.
  4. Before the meeting starts, test the audio capabilities of your computer or smart device (phone or tablet) by following the instructions from the email invite, or as shown below.
  5. Join the meeting at least 30 minutes in advance for roll call.

If you have any issues completing the virtual speaker card form or questions regarding virtual City Commission meetings, please email Commission Virtual Meeting Support.

Headphone-Mike-256 Join the Meeting to Speak

The day prior to the meeting date, you will receive an email with the meeting details and instructions on how to join. The meeting will be delivered in streaming video and audio format using the City’s virtual meeting platform. You will not need an account to join, only your meeting invite. Please review the "Before the Meeting" section for testing your system before the event to ensure device compatibility.

Before the Meeting

Test your computer or SMART device (phone or tablet):

  1. Call-In Audio Connection (Recommended) - Call in from a smart phone or land line to ensure the best call quality. Your meeting invite will allow you to join the meeting and establish the audio connection.

  2. Computer Audio Connection - If you intend on using your computer audio instead of a smart phone or land line for audio connection to the virtual meeting, it is best to use a headset connected to your computer.

At the Time of the Meeting

  1. Join Early – The meeting will be started 1 hour before the actual start time. Please Join the meeting at least 30 minutes before the start time to allocate time for a successful connection and to be accounted for during roll call. You will be in "listen only" mode until you are called upon to speak

  2. Simultaneously Watching the FLTV Broadcast - While you are on the phone waiting for your opportunity to speak, it is recommended to mute the FLTV meeting broadcast on the Web, Comcast, or AT&T if watching simultaneously to avoid a known delay with the broadcast. Once you have completed your speaking time, feel free to unmute and continue watching from the FLTV broadcast.

  3. Time to Speak - The Mayor will call on you when it is your opening to speak and also notify you when your speaking time has expired. The Mayor may give the Commissioners an opportunity to ask you questions. When your speaking time has concluded, you will be muted and may either hang up or stay connected to listen to the remainder of the meeting.

NOTE: The Meeting Organizer (City of Fort Lauderdale) controls the participant's ability to speak during the virtual Commission Meeting. When participants join the meeting, they will automatically be added in "listen only" mode. The participants will be granted access to speak when recognized.

NOTE: In accordance with the Resolution No 14-49 each member of the public shall have a total of three minutes to comment on matters on the agenda before the Commission.

Message-Mail-256 Submit Questions or Comments

Email questions or comments to be read at the meeting by visiting and then clicking on the comment link corresponding to the appropriate meeting.