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Budget/CIP and Grants Division

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The Budget/CIP and Grants Division provides budgetary support services to all City departments in the development of the City’s Annual Budget; prepares revenue and expenditure projections, maintains a Budget Manual, implements budget monitoring and controls, focusing on long-range forecast, trend analysis and the development of strategic planning. The Division is also responsible for conducting a monthly financial analysis of the City’s revenues and expenses through the use of the Monthly Financial Reports, prepares the Strategic Planning and Budget Cycle, Financial Transparency PortalRevenue Manual, and Fiscal Capacity Study.

The Budget/CIP and Grants Division works with department staff to develop and monitor the City’s five-year Community Investment Plans (CIP), which is a planning document that sets forth the City’s capital improvements to ensure that municipal facilities are appropriate and adequate to serve the needs of the neighbors of Fort Lauderdale. The CIP connects a commitment to sound asset management with an approach that prioritizes community needs for a sustainable future. The Division is also responsible for providing centralized Grants Management in the City. This involves managing, coordinating, and supporting citywide grant administration and audit compliance.

The Budget/CIP Grants and Division builds community by developing long-range plans for the City’s future, ensuring proper funding is available and minimizing any potential negative impact to City programs and services due to economic conditions or reductions in revenue by maintaining proper reserve fund levels. To obtain additional information, please call the Budget/CIP and Grants Division at (954) 828-5425 or email the Budget Office.

Budget/CIP and Grants Division Staff Contact List

Financial Transparency Portal

Through the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Financial Transparency Portal, users can view financial data based on the current budget or up to the current month. Information is included for FY 2013, FY 2014 budget and year-to-date information, and for the FY 2015 Proposed Budget. Users can manipulate the data and drill down to finite details or scale up to the big picture. Users can also download the data as an Excel spreadsheet to use at home.


FY 2015 Strategic Planning and Budgeting Cycle