Housing and Community Development


Welcome to the Housing and Community Development Division

The Housing and Community Development (HCD) Division administers and coordinates programs for affordable housing, community development, public service initiatives, and small business assistance that targets and benefits low- and moderate-income residents. HCD is the primary custodian of approximately $10M - $12M annually in Federal and State funding. 

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HCD funding is disbursed to eligible families and organizations throughout the City and County to ensure the following goals are met:

  • Development of activities that will assist the City in the creation of jobs and new businesses
  • Funding to eligible agencies that provide job training opportunities for eligible residents
  • Increased capacity of non-profit agencies in need of funding for eligible public service activities
  • Creation of affordable home-ownership opportunities and support for the creation of rental housing opportunities

Housing and Community Development
914 Sistrunk Boulevard
Suite 103
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311



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