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Street Performers & Artists (Buskers Program)

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Program Overview

The City of Fort Lauderdale Street Performers and Street Artists Program (Buskers Program) offers a unique entertainment experience, bringing to life the Riverwalk District and portions of the Central Beach with exciting acts, live music, street performers, and arts & crafts vendors in numerous locations.

Fort Lauderdale's Buskers Program aims to encourage street performers and emerging artists with an opportunity to display their talents. As a cultural destination, the City's goal is to strengthen and expand the identity and presence of arts, culture, and entertainment offerings.

Benefits of the City of Fort Lauderdale Busker's Program

  • Conveniently located in South Florida's cultural and social hub epiccenter;
  • Artist are exposed to new audiences with high volume projection traffic;
  • Performers have the flexibility to manage their own time;
  • Numerous sites to choose from throughout the Riverwalk District and portions of the west sidewalk along A1A in the Central Beach Area

Program Requirements

 A permit is required to participate in the Buskers Program.

  • Permits shall be valid for a period of one calendar month and may be renewed on the first of each month. A new location may be selected if available monthly; 
  • Permit applications submitted after the first of the month shall be valid for the remainder of that month;
  • The cost of the permit is $25.00 annually;
  • Permits are not transferable and are location specific.

Each permit holder is permitted in one location, as identified on the approved permit application.

Streets artists and performers with permits can only use identified site locations approved in the permit application for the permitted calendar month.

Street artists and performers must comply with all applicable noise regulations.

Street artists and performers must bring their valid permit and clearly display their permit during all buskers activities.

Please refer to Chapter 23 - Article VI of the City's Code of Ordinances to review the Street Performers and Street Artists Ordinance (C-15-13) for additional information,

Things to Consider


Activities sites must be maintained free of trash and debris within a ten-foot radius

  • All trash must be placed in proper receptacles
  • Personal belongings or activities must not be obstruct pedestrian traffic, entry and exits ways, or any public right-of-ways.

Street artists and performers may have one sign no larger than 10 inches by 14 inches.

Street artists and performers shall maintain a minimum distance of 10 feet from the entrance or exit to any building, fire exit, bicycle rack, trash receptacle, or pedestrian crosswalk.

Street artist and performers must have a separation of at least 20 feet from each other.


Spray painting is only permitted when the street artist or street performers can provide:

  • Ground cover;
  • Wind screen;
  • Confined space for spray painting is no greater than 5' x 5';
  • Spray paint shall not damage surrounding area or property.

Engaging in the application of tattoos or body piercings is not permitted.


Street artists and performers must conduct themselves in a safe, professional and respectful manner and abide by the buskers program requirements. Street artists and performers shall not:

  • Use any type of weapon;
  • Create a fire hazard or use fire;
  • Display or offer food or drinks for sale;
  • Display or include any manner of lewdness in activities or performances.

The City holds the right to halt or suspend activities that disrupt normal business operations or jeopardize the safety of our neighbors and visitors.

Site Locations

Please refer to the Buskers Maps to select your preferred location. Activity participants can select a location on the public sidewalk at:

  • The Riverwalk District;
  • The sidewalk across from the public beach on the west side of Atlantic Boulevard (A1A), from Poinsettia Street south to the A1A north bound at turn around; or, 
  • North of Fort Lauderdale South Beach Parking Entrance, at or near 650 South Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard

The hours of activity are limited between 10:00am and 10:00pm.

To submit a Street Performers and Street Artists Program (Buskers) Application, please: 

  1. Verify requested location to ensure it falls within the on the Buskers Maps
  2. Complete the Buskers Permit Application pdf
  3. Submit complete application and pay permit fee (due when application is submitted) to the Department of Sustainable Development 700 NW 19th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311. If you have any questions call 954-828-5207 
  4. Abide by the City's Noise Ordinance
  5. Comply with Ordinance No. C-15-13
  6. Clearly display permit during all activities