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Adopt-A-Drain Program

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Pilot Program! Currently Serving: Imperial Point, Victoria Park, Durrs, and Edgewood.

 Adopt A Drain

The City's Adopt-A-Drain program is a volunteer-driven cleanup campaign that enables neighbors and organizations to take a hands-on role in eliminating stormwater debris and reducing localized flooding. 

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With 300 miles of inland waterways and low elevations, the City of Fort Lauderdale is particularly prone to flooding after heavy rains. While the City has approximately 8,900 storm drains to help move the water to waterways, storm drains can quickly become clogged with debris, causing localized flooding. This flooding can cause significant damage to properties and carry debris to our waterways, endangering wildlife. 

Although the City proactively targets known problem drains, volunteers are needed to "Adopt-A-Drain!pdf" Similar to the popular "Adopt-A-Street" program; neighbors, service organizations, and faith-based organizations can play a vital role in making sure that our storm drains are clear of waste, vegetation, and other debris.

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