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Lobby Art Gallery Program

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Lobby Art Gallery Program

Updated on March 05, 2020 1:00 PM

The Lobby Art Gallery Program showcases thousands of art pieces featured in the City Hall lobby. Here are photos of some of the artists, their artwork, and of lobby receptions.

The City of Fort Lauderdale Lobby Art Gallery is designed to offer local artists an opportunity to display their works during a one-month, single-artist exhibition. Over the years, hundreds of local artists have displayed thousands of pieces of their artistic creations at City Hall. The newly remodeled lobby area and enhanced exhibit space offer local artists a great opportunity to showcase their work.

How does this work?

Each month a new artist is selected to display his or her original artwork in the lobby of City Hall, located at 100 N. Andrews Avenue for an entire month. The artwork is typically installed on the first business day of the month and removed the last business day of the month. 

The City is not responsible for any damaged or lost artwork as part of the exhibition; however, security personnel is available in the lobby of City Hall during normal operating hours. The lobby is also monitored 24/7 via camera surveillance.


  • Approximately 4,000 neighbors, visitors, and employees pass through the City Hall lobby monthly. 
  • Biographies and details about an art display are published on the Lobby Art Gallery web page.
  • Featured artists may be able to host an art gallery reception in the lobby area (if available) of City from from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. either on the second Monday or second Tuesday of the month their art is being displayed. All logistics, advertising, and related costs associated with the reception are the responsibility of the featured artist(s) and no alcoholic beverages are permitted. The reception must be open to the public.


  • All artwork must be framed or canvas gallery wrapped.
  • An art piece cannot exceed 45 pounds on the wood panel walls and 35 pounds on the white walls.
  • A hanging system is provided so that no artwork is attached directly to any of the walls.
  • Artists are to install their artwork without moving any furniture or items in the lobby.
  • Selling merchandise or artwork in City Hall is prohibited.
  • Artists may display business cards, rack cards, flyers, etc. that include their contact information.
  • Pricing on artwork is prohibited.
  • Artwork labels cannot be directly attached to the walls, but may be attached to the artwork.
  • Artwork cannot be controversial nor contain nudity.

 Apply now!

 To apply, please complete the Lobby Art Gallery Program Application.


For questions about the Art Gallery Program, please contact Keith Farrell at or (954) 828-6653.

Current Artist 

March 2020 - Thou Art Woman Compilation -

Next Month's Artist 

April 2020 - Tricia Rutsis -

Past Artists

Month   Artist Website


2/2020  Broward Art Guild pdf 
1/2020 Peter Nolan pdf 


12/2019 Hitomi Saito pdf
11/2019 Brush Strokes Compilation pdf
10/2019 Elyse Friedman-Brunt pdf
9/2019 April Kirk pdf 
8/2019 Paul McDermott pdf 


City of Fort Lauderdale Parks & Recreation School Programs pdf    Parks and Recreation Website 


Carly Mejeur 
5/2019 Tim Forman  
4/2019 Barbie - Lynn Pearson  
3/2019 Rohan Kelley   
2/2019 Jean-Jacques Stephen Alexis 
1/2019 Tamara "Tammy" Seymour  


12/2018 Rosanna Kalis  
11/2018 Toby Gotesman Schneier  
10/2018 Broward Art Guild  
9/2018 Robin Haines Merrill: Florida Fashion   Robin Haines Merrill  
8/2018 Gary Moore  
7/2018 City of Fort Lauderdale Parks and Recreation School Programs   Parks and Recreation Website  
6/2018 Moshe Y.  
5/2018 Lizabeth Anne Stirling-Perkins  
4/2018 Jack Skay  
3/2018 Robin Woodward  
2/2018 Adrian Pickett Jr. ( Black History Month Feature) 
1/2018 Anabel Rub Peicher   


12/2017 Alexangel Estevez 
9/2017 Phoenix  
9/2017 Lois Perdue 
9/2017 Tamara "Tammy" Seymour 
9/2017 JoAnn Culligan
9/2017 Jen Walls