Citizens Volunteer Corps

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Established by the Fort Lauderdale City Commission, the Citizens Volunteer Corps is a community partnership that brings together citizens and their government to accomplish grass roots projects and initiatives to improve the community and enhance quality of life.

The program is comprised of volunteer residents who serve on an “as needed” basis to address non-emergency, citywide projects that positively impact the community.  The Citizens volunteer Corps represents a group of caring, energetic individuals who can be called upon to help with projects ranging from cleaning up City parks and wiping out graffiti to assisting with City-sponsored events.

The Citizens Volunteer Corps serves at the direction of and is guided by the Fort Lauderdale City Commission.  The City’s Vice Mayor serves as chair of the Citizens Volunteer Corps Steering Committee during his or her tenure.

The Citizens Volunteer Corps promotes active citizenship, encourages teamwork and cooperation and fosters a spirit of citywide neighborliness similar to what was seen in the days of fire station “bucket brigades” and community “barn raisings.” Since the program’s inception, more than 1,000 residents and volunteer City employees have worked together to complete close to 50 projects throughout the Fort Lauderdale community.

Citizens Volunteer Corps Points

An additional benefit to volunteering through Citizens Volunteer Corps (CVC) projects is for recognized neighborhood associations to earn points for the Neighborhood Community Investment Program (NCIP).  Neighborhood Associations earn 500 points for each CVC project completed, which can be redeemed as matching funds when applying for the City’s neighborhood grants. Neighborhood Associations may also earn points by volunteering at annual service days through the Neighbor Volunteer Office (NVO).  For a complete list of all CVC and NVO points see below.

If you would like to receive information via email about upcoming Citizens Volunteer Corps projects, please send an email with your contact information to Maxine Singh at