A to Z Guide

Accessibility / ADA Coordinator(954) 828-6510
Adult AthleticsParks and Recreation(954) 828-8943
Adult/Senior Recreation ActivitiesParks and Recreation(954) 828-5383
Advisory BoardsCity Clerk(954) 828-6313
After School Child Care (see F.L.A.S.H.)(954) 828-7275
AgendasCity Commission
Airport - Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International (FLL)(954) 359-1200
Airport - Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE)Transportation and Mobility(954) 828-4955
Alarms and Alarm RegistrationPolice(954) 828-5476
Ambulance Emergency Medical Services (EMS) billingFire Rescue(888) 987-0598
Animal Removal (Deceased)(954) 828-8000
Aquatics Hotline Parks and Recreation(954) 828-6555
Athletic Field PermitsParks and Recreation(954) 828-7275
Auction Information(954) 828-5960
Auto Tags and Registration(954) 765-4697
Banners(954) 828-3266
Beach Conditions(954) 828-4597
Birth Certificates
Boat Ramps/Launching Facilities(954) 828-5423
Boat Registration(954) 765-4697
Building Permits and InspectionsSustainable Development(954) 828-5191
Building ServicesSustainable Development(954) 828-6520
Bus BenchesTransportation and Mobility(954) 983-9111
Bus TransportationTransportation and Mobility(954) 357-8400
Business Assistance(954) 828-4515
Business Tax Office(954) 828-5195
Calendar of Events
Canal Maintenance(954) 828-8000
Cemeteries (954) 745-2141
CERT ProgramFire Rescue(954) 828-6700
Chamber of Commerce (Greater Fort Lauderdale)(954) 462-6000
City Attorney's OfficeCity Attorney(954) 828-5940
City Auditor's OfficeCity Auditor(954) 828-4350
City Clerk's OfficeCity Clerk(954) 828-5002
City Commission OfficeCity Commission(954) 828-5004
City Events Hotline(954) 828-5363
City Hall(954) 828-5000
City Manager's OfficeCity Manager(954) 828-5013
City Newsletter (Fort Lauderdale Currents)
City Records Management Services(954) 828-3772
Climate ResiliencyPublic Works(954) 828-8000
CodeRED® Emergency Communication System
Collections- Water accountsFinance(954) 828-3530
Combat Auto TheftPolice(954) 828-5501
Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)(954) 828-4526
Community Enhancement and Compliance(954) 828-5207
Community Police AcademyPolice(954) 828-6432
Community Policing/Community Support DivisionPolice(954) 828-6400
Community Redevelopment Agency(954) 828-4514
Consumer Affairs (Broward County)(954) 765-5933
Convention and Visitor's Bureau(954) 765-4466
Convention Center(954) 765-5933
Crime Prevention Unit Police(954) 828-6400
Customer Service Center (Lauderserv)Public Works(954) 828-8000
Death Certificates(954) 467-4413
Dependent Special Districts
Development Services(954) 828-5203
Dockless Mobility
Dog-Friendly Places & Canine Beach(954) 828-5203
Downtown Helistop(954) 523-4354
Driver's Licenses (State of Florida)(954) 497-1570
Economic Development(954) 828-4515
Election Information(954) 357-7050
Elevation Certificates(954) 828-6133
Employee BenefitsHuman Resources
Employment Opportunities (City of Fort Lauderdale)Human Resources(954) 828-5300
EMS Reports and RecordsFire Rescue(954) 828-6827
Engineering Division(954) 828-5772
Environmental and Sustainability Management Public Works
Event Calendar
Everglades Holiday Park (Broward County)(954) 434-8111
F.L.A.I.R. (Fort Lauderdale Automated Inspection Request Line)(954) 828-5191
F.L.A.S.H. Program (Fort Lauderdale After School Hours)(954) 468-1487
Filming in Fort Lauderdale! - Film Permits Strategic Communications(954) 828-4732
Finance DepartmentFinance(954) 828-5144
Fire and Alarm BillingFire Rescue(954) 828-5961
Fire and Life Safety InspectionsFire Rescue(954) 828-6370
Fire Hydrants(954) 828-8000
Fire Incident ReportsFire Rescue(954) 828-5876
Fire Rescue (Non-Emergency)Fire Rescue(954) 764-4357
Fire Rescue Administrative HeadquartersFire Rescue(954) 828-6800
Fire Rescue Administrative OfficesFire Rescue(954) 828-6800
Fire Rescue Fire Prevention BureauFire Rescue(954) 828-6370
Fire Rescue Training Bureau Fire Rescue(954) 828-3616
Flag Etiquette, History, and Disposal (U.S. flag)
Flood Information(954) 828-5203
Florida Friendly LandscapingPublic Works(954) 828-5200
Florida Relay (711)(800) 955-8770
FLTV (Government-Access TV)
Food Truck InspectionFire Rescue(954) 828-5093
Foreign Trade Zone #241(954) 828-4966
Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex(954) 828-4580
Fort Lauderdale Currents(954) 828-4746
Garbage Cart Service and/or RepairPublic Works(954) 828-8000
Garbage/Trash CollectionPublic Works(954) 828-8000
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)Information Technology Services
Graffiti Hotline(954) 828-6402
Green Your RoutinePublic Works
Green Your Routine In Action MapPublic Works
Green Your Routine VolunteerPublic Works(954) 828-8000
Health Department (Broward County)(954) 467-4700
Helistop (Downtown)(954) 523-4354
Holiday Park Parks and Recreation(954) 828-5383
Homeless Resources (Broward County)(954) 779-3990
Homestead Exemption (Broward County)(954) 357-6830
Household Hazardous WastePublic Works(954) 828-8000
Housing Programs
Human ResourcesHuman Resources(954) 828-5300
Hurricane Preparedness
Jobs (City of Fort Lauderdale)Human Resources(954) 828-5317
KnoxBox inspectionsFire Rescue(954) 828-5876
Lauderserv: Fort Lauderdale Customer Service (954) 828-8000
Lien Searches and Inquiries (City Properties)(954) 828-5155
Marine FacilitiesParks and Recreation(954) 828-5423
Marriage Licenses(954) 831-6525 ext. 7842
Mayor's OfficeCity Commission(954) 828-5003
Mobility of Transit Form (MOT Form)Fire Rescue(954) 828-6831
Natural Resources PreservationPublic Works(954) 828-8000
Neighbor Support OfficeCity Manager(954) 828-5065
Neighborhood Capital Improvement Program(954) 828-8954
Noise Abatement Hotline (to report loud aircraft)Transportation and Mobility(954) 828-6666
Non-Emergency Medical Services(954) 828-7421
Ocean Rescue (Beach Lifeguards)Fire Rescue(954) 828-4595
Outdoor Events Information and Permits(954) 828-6075
Park MaintenanceParks and Recreation(954) 828-7275
Parking Division(954) 828-3700
Parks and Recreation DepartmentParks and Recreation(954) 828-7275
Pavilion/Park PermitsParks and Recreation(954) 828-7275
Plan ReviewSustainable Development(954) 828-6520
Police Department (Non-Emergency) Police(954) 764-4357
Pollution PreventionPublic Works(954) 828-8000
Print Shop and Graphics ServicesInformation Technology Services(954) 828-6665
Procurement ServicesFinance(954) 828-5933
Property Appraiser's Office (Broward County)(954) 357-6830
Property Records/Microfilm(954) 828-5257
Public Works DepartmentPublic Works(954) 828-8000
Recycling Public Works(954) 828-8000
Responsible Development & Land UsePublic Works
Risk Management(954) 828-5177
Riverwalk Signature Brick Program(954) 468-1541
Safe Place(954) 568-2801
Save Our Swales Program (S.O.S.)(954) 828-5719
Senior Recreation ActivitiesParks and Recreation(954) 828-5383
Sewer Repairs (24-Hours)Public Works(954) 828-8000
Solid WastePublic Works(954) 828-8000
Strategic CommunicationsStrategic Communications(954) 828-4746
Street MaintenancePublic Works(954) 828-8000
Streetlight OutagesPublic Works(954) 828-8000
Supervisor of Elections (Broward County)(954) 357-7050
Sustainability Action PlanPublic Works
Swimming PoolsParks and Recreation
Teen ProgramsParks and Recreation(954) 828-8944
Tennis(954) 828-5378
Title VI CoordinatorTransportation and Mobility(954) 828-5217
Traffic Advisories
Transportation and ConnectivityPublic Works
Trash PickupPublic Works(954) 828-8000
Tree Abuse Hotline(954) 828-5200
Tree Maintenance/Urban Forester(954) 828-5785
Tree PermitPublic Works(954) 828-5200
Unlicensed Contractor Hotline(954) 828-6500
Urban Design & Planning (954) 828-6520
Urban Forester(954) 828-5785
Urban ForestryPublic Works(954) 828-8000
Utility Billing (Water and Sanitation) Public Works(954) 828-5150
Vacation Rental Registration Program
Vendor RegistrationFinance(954) 828-5161
Vision Plan
Volunteer Office(954) 828-8658
Voter Registration (Broward County)(954) 357-7050
War Memorial Auditorium Parks and Recreation(954) 828-5380
War Memorial Auditorium Box Office Parks and Recreation(954) 828-5381
Water and Wastewater Services and RepairsPublic Works(954) 828-8000
Water Billing (954) 828-5150
Yard WastePublic Works(954) 828-8000
Zoning(954) 828-3266