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Calendar of Events
CodeRED® Emergency Communication System
City Newsletter (Fort Lauderdale Currents)
Chamber of Commerce (Greater Fort Lauderdale)(954) 462-6000
Cemeteries (954) 745-2141
Convention and Visitor's Bureau(954) 765-4466
Consumer Affairs (Broward County)(954) 765-5933
Convention Center(954) 765-5933
Collections- Water accountsFinance(954) 828-3530
City Records Management Services(954) 828-3772
City Auditor's OfficeCity Auditor(954) 828-4350
Community Redevelopment Agency(954) 828-4514
Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)(954) 828-4526
City Hall(954) 828-5000
City Clerk's OfficeCity Clerk(954) 828-5002
City Commission OfficeCity Commission(954) 828-5004
City Manager's OfficeCity Manager(954) 828-5013
Community Enhancement and Compliance(954) 828-5207
City Events Hotline(954) 828-5363
Combat Auto TheftPolice(954) 828-5501
City Attorney's OfficeCity Attorney(954) 828-5940
Community Policing/Community Support DivisionPolice(954) 828-6400
Crime Prevention Unit Police(954) 828-6400
Community Police AcademyPolice(954) 828-6432
CERT ProgramFire Rescue(954) 828-6700
Canal Maintenance(954) 828-8000
Customer Service Center (Lauderserv)Public Works(954) 828-8000
Climate ResiliencyPublic Works(954) 828-8000