A to Z Guide

F.L.A.S.H. Program (Fort Lauderdale After School Hours)(954) 468-1487
F.L.A.I.R. (Fort Lauderdale Automated Inspection Request Line)(954) 828-5191
Flood Information(954) 828-5203
Florida Relay (711)(800) 955-8770
Foreign Trade Zone #241(954) 828-4966
Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex(954) 828-4580
FLTV (Government-Access TV)
Fort Lauderdale Currents(954) 828-4746
Fire Hydrants(954) 828-8000
Flag Etiquette, History, and Disposal (U.S. flag)
Finance DepartmentFinance(954) 828-5144
Fire and Life Safety InspectionsFire Rescue(954) 828-6370
Fire Rescue Administrative OfficesFire Rescue(954) 828-6800
Fire and Alarm BillingFire Rescue(954) 828-5961
Fire Incident ReportsFire Rescue(954) 828-5876
Fire Rescue Administrative HeadquartersFire Rescue(954) 828-6800
Fire Rescue Fire Prevention BureauFire Rescue(954) 828-6370
Fire Rescue Training Bureau Fire Rescue(954) 828-3616
Food Truck InspectionFire Rescue(954) 828-5093
Fire Rescue (Non-Emergency)Fire Rescue(954) 764-4357
Florida Friendly LandscapingPublic Works(954) 828-5200
Filming in Fort Lauderdale! - Film Permits Strategic Communications(954) 828-4732