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Mosquito Control and Zika Prevention

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The Broward County Mosquito Control Section will be conducting preventive spraying for mosquito larvae. Please visit the Broward County website for complete scheduling information and maps of the areas that will be affected. 

Can I request that my neighborhood be sprayed for mosquitos?
Yes. You can contact the Broward County Mosquito Control Section and request spraying in your neighborhood by: 

The City of Fort Lauderdale is working closely with the lead authority, the Florida Department of Health, as well as Broward County and other agencies to support mosquito control, education, and prevention efforts related to Zika.  Remember these helpful mosquito control tips:


  • Drain all standing water around the yard.  Mosquitoes need only a surprisingly small amount of water to breed.  
  • Empty cans, buckets, garbage cans, house gutters, flower pots, bromeliads and other plants that hold water.
  • Drain bottles, toys, plastic "kiddie" pools, lids, old tires, pool covers, barrels and any other container or item that holds or can hold water. 
  • If you have a boat, turn it upside down if it's small enough, or cover it if it's too large to turn over.  Just make sure the boat cover doesn't also hold water. 
  • If you have a swimming pool, make sure to maintain it properly and run the pump regularly as mosquitoes do not like to breed in moving water. 
  • Twice a week, make sure to empty or rinse out bromeliads and other plants that hold water, pets' water bowls and birdbaths. 
  • Repair leaky pipes.  Maintain and clean roof gutters.


  • Make sure your doors and windows are covered with screens to keep mosquitoes out of your house.
  • Protect infants with mosquito netting. 
  • Avoid going outside when mosquitoes are most active, at dawn and dusk.  
  • If you do have to be outside, cover yourself up by wearing loose, light-colored clothing (preferably long pants and long sleeves), shoes and socks.
  • Using EPA-registered insect repellents when you go outside.  Follow the directions on the label.  The best repellents use DEET or picaridin as the active ingredient. 


  • If you see a property with improper pool maintenance and/or stagnant water, please report it to the City’s 24-hour Neighbor Call Center at 954-828-8000, online via Lauderserv or by using the Lauderserv app




What is Zika?
Zika is a virus that is primarily spread by mosquitoes, though it can also be sexually transmitted. The biggest risk of Zika is to pregnant women or women of childbearing age. Zika virus can cause a serious birth defect called microcephaly, as well as other severe fetal brain defects.

What are the symptoms of Zika?
Zika can cause symptoms including fever, rash, joint pain, or red eyes. An illness from Zika is usually mild, and the symptoms typically will only last several days to a week. Based on previous outbreaks, however, approximately 80 percent of people who have Zika will not have any symptoms.

How Do I Prevent Getting Zika?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has an extensive website which provides helpful prevention information and specific steps you can take to protect yourself and others. This is particularly important if you travel to an area with active Zika transmission. It is important to remember to follow the guidelines not only when you are in an area with active Zika transmission, but also for three weeks after you return.

Another way you can help prevent Zika is by remembering that "You" are the first line of defense against mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illnesses. You can do your part to help reduce the mosquito nuisance, by remembering to drain and cover. 


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Portions of Three Municipalities in Broward to be Sprayed Thursday for Mosquito Larvae
Portions of Three Municipalities in Broward to be Sprayed Thursday for Mosquito Larvae
Portions of Three Municipalities in Broward to be Sprayed Thursday for Mosquito Larvae
Portions of Three Municipalities in Broward to be Sprayed Thursday for Mosquito Larvae