Telephone Town Hall Meetings

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The City of Fort Lauderdale host several Telephone Town Hall Meetings each calendar year.  Each Telephone Town Hall Meeting allows the City to build community by engaging our neighbors and providing a free and convenient forum for them to share their ideas and comments with us over the phone. The Telephone Town Hall Meetings enhance public access to City government by giving neighbors an opportunity to participate on each call and speak directly to the Mayor or a City Commissioner about a variety of issues.

About the Telephone Town Hall Meetings 

Each of the five Telephone Town Hall Meetings lasts one hour and is hosted by a different elected official from the City of Fort Lauderdale, either the Mayor or a City Commissioner. .  Please see the audio links below to listen to a prior call. 

All of the Meetings are general in nature so participants can introduce any topics that are important to them.  Neighbors are encouraged to join the meeting and share their ideas to enhance our community or ask a question about an ongoing project or City service.

During the Telephone Town Hall Meeting, the host elected official will provide a brief introduction and then answer questions from callers.  Participants on the call can request to ask a question or simply listen on the phone, without speaking. 

How to Participate in a Telephone Town Hall Meeting

All of the Meetings are open to everyone, regardless of the City Commission District in which you live or work.  

When the Telephone Town Hall Meeting begins, an automated system dials the listed phone numbers for our neighbors. If you receive a call at your house, you can join the Telephone Town Hall Meeting by staying on the line. You do not need to take any additional steps to listen to the call.

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If you do not receive a call, or would like to dial into the Telephone Town Hall Meeting from your cell phone, simply call the designated toll-free phone number at any time during the Meeting.

Participants are not obligated to speak; they can simply listen to the Meeting without asking a question. If a participant would like to ask a question, they can press a number on their telephone keypad when prompted to do so.

Participants are encouraged to listen to the Telephone Town Hall Meeting for the full hour but may exit the Meeting at any time by hanging up their telephone.

To be removed from the call list, please email a request with the number you would like to be removed to or call 954-828-4741.

Upcoming Telephone Town Hall Meetings:

TTHM Business and Economy 04-13-2020

Previous Telephone Town Hall Meetings

Click on the links below to listen to an audio recording of any of the previously held Telephone Town Hall Meetings.

For More Information

If you would like more information on the City of Fort Lauderdale Telephone Town Hall Meetings, please call Shannon Vezina in the City Manager's Office at 954-828-4743 or send an email to