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Press Play Fort Lauderdale: Our City, Our Strategic Plan 2018

In April 2013, the City Commission unanimously approved Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale 2035, our community's Vision Plan. Our staff is committed to working with our community partners to move forward with urgency and focus to implement the Vision through our Strategic Plan, Press Play Fort Lauderdale 2018. The Vision is our community's long-term aspiration for the future of Fort Lauderdale; Press Play Fort Lauderdale 2018 is our first five year journey to that Vision.

Press Play Fort Lauderdale 2018 is organized within the Cylinders of Excellence and Internal Support Platform, a set of strategic area teams, all of which bring focus and coordination to what we do every day: build community. This framework enables our workforce to collaborate and innovate together like never before. As interdepartmental teams, the Cylinders and Platform work together to achieve a set of 12 aspirational goals pdf and 38 objectives identified in the plan. 191 strategic initiatives, which are specific, time-bound projects will be each team's focus over the next five years. These teams will also work on shorter-term projects outlined in the Commission Annual Action Plan. As a results-oriented organization, the measurement of performance is crucial, and will be done by monitoring 142 key performance indicators for both the 2035 Vision Scorecard and the strategic goals. These performance indicators support the budget process by guiding decision-making and resource allocation.

The employees of the City of Fort Lauderdale are committed to the successful implementation of Press Play Fort Lauderdale 2018. Each department, distinctively and together, will be champions of the plan and align strategy and operations to achieve success. Community partnerships will also continue to play a significant role as we work together to build community.



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