Vision Scorecard


Measuring progress is crucial to ensure the short-term success of Press Play Fort Lauderdale 2018 and the long-term success of Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale 2035.  The 2035 Vision Scorecard will be a living document, and it will change as we progress into the future.  It will show our successes and where we need to focus more attention in order to reach our goals.

The scorecard is a clear and simple depiction of the high-level key performance indicators that best represent the overarching desired outcome of the associated category.  Conceptually, the scorecard is represented as a circle with each of the indicators representing a piece of the pie.  When looking at the segmentation of ideas in the scorecard, one will first see the sections divided by the Vision Directions.  Starting off, the pieces of the pie will be small and faint.  This is because we are measuring where we started, but as we move forward and begin achieving our Vision, the pie pieces will grow, merge, and darken.  When our Vision for 2035 is a reality, the pie pieces will be strong and vibrant, like our City.

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FastForward Vision Score Card Circle 



Fiscal Responsibility Citizen Participation Partnerships City Services Tourism Primary and Secondary Education Economic Diversification Riverwalk/New River Trees Community Centers and Activities Parks Historic Preservation Crime Reduction Homelessness Neighborhood Improvements Drainage Sustainable Construction Environment Roads Traffic & Congestion Connected Development Public Transit Complete Streets Talent Supply