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Las Olas Beach Park Project

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December 17 Construction Update


• Las Olas Circle will be closed Monday, December 16 through Friday, December 20th for roadwork and utility installation. Detour signs will be posted. For more information, click here. pdf

• Construction of a new waterfront park is underway south of Las Olas Boulevard along the Intracoastal Waterway at the former site of the Intracoastal South Side Lot. Alternative parking can be found in the parking garage and parking lot on the north side of Las Olas Boulevard. For more information, click herepdf

Download a .pdf version of the current newsletter pdf & read past newsletters on the Las Olas Beach Park newsletter page.


For information about garage operations, click herepdf

Construction Phasing Plan

Las Olas Beach Park Site Phasing Plan


Frequently Asked Questions

Construction-Related Questions:

  1. What are the hours of construction, and at what time will work end?
    • Skanska’s standard construction schedule will run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and will comply with City of Fort Lauderdale ordinances.
  2. What are the hours of operation for the project’s community outreach office?
    • The on-site Community Outreach Office will be accessible during the regular business hours of construction. The site is open during the week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    • Additionally, the public can contact the Skanska community outreach team at any time via email at or via the dedicated project hotline phone number at 877-252-7384.
  3. Will the community outreach team alert residents in advance of any work on Saturdays?
    • Yes. We will try to minimize Saturday construction, however in the event work will take place, the Community Outreach Team will notify affected neighbors at least 48 hours in advance.
  4. What is the communications plan for residents? What is the frequency?
    • The project team is committed to maintaining proactive and ongoing communications to keep neighbors informed and address their concerns.  A dedicated Community Outreach Office will be on site and open to neighbors during regular business hours.  Neighbors can also contact the project team anytime at  or 877-252-7384
    • Additionally, the community can expect regular updates through the following communication tools:
      • Signage
      • City webpage on Las Olas Beach Projects 
      • Updates at home/condo owner meetings
      • Quarterly newsletters
      • Flyers
      • Look for upcoming information about how to register for email and text alerts.
      • Skanska Project Corners Mobile App: The “Project Corners” app (available in Apple's app store) uses GPS to pinpoint nearby Skanska jobsites and provides up-to-date information about construction related project status, team members and other news about Skanska’s work on the Las Olas Beach Park Project.  
  5. Is there a chance the construction will require power outages and, if so, how will the residents be notified?
    • We do not anticipate any scheduled power outages during construction. If, however, one does occur, the Community Outreach Team will notify affected residents as quickly as possible.
  6. Where will the construction site entrance be, and will it be temporary or permanent?
    • The entrance to the construction site will be temporary and it will be located at the southeast corner of the site. During the first phase of the garage project, the site will be located on the south side of the bridge. It will move north of the bridge as the project enters the second phase.
  7. What can we expect with construction traffic?
    • We are committed to taking proactive measures during construction to maintain access to streets and minimize any traffic impact on the neighborhood.
  8. What is the City’s plan to address construction traffic congestion during large-scale events? 
    • The City is working with the promoters on traffic circulation for special events.;
  9. How will the construction traffic bottlenecks, like Birch Road or making a left turn via Las Olas Circle, be addressed during construction?
    • The project team intends to develop a Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plan to monitor and address traffic circulation during construction.
  10. Will there be a fence around the construction parking area and, if so, what kind?
    • Yes.; Each construction area will have a chain-link fence with wind-screening to help contain construction debris.; The fence will feature signage that will indicate the status of the project.
  11. What are the parking plans for food trucks and other vehicles related to construction?
    • All vehicles relating to construction will be parked inside the construction site area.
  12. Is there a contingency plan or fund for dust?
    • All construction workers are required to monitor and follow standard procedures to minimize dust. Skanska has dust mitigation protocols that will also be followed as needed.
  13. Are there renderings of what the facility will look like?
    • Yes. The Community Outreach Team will distribute renderings and site plans to the community as the project mobilizes.

Operation-Related Questions:

  1. What will be the operating hours for the new parking garage?
    • The new parking garage will operate the same hours as the existing surface lot, 24-hours–per-day.
  2. How will the public trying to gain access to parking be notified when the garage is full?
    • Message signs will be installed at the garage entrance and on the west side of the bridge to advise neighbors of the number of available parking spaces.
  3. Will there be security? What are the additional security features (cameras, LED lighting, call boxes, etc.)?
    • Yes. The garage will have 24-hour security staff. There will be cameras and call boxes installed in the garage and in the new parks.
  4. What are the rates at the new parking garage?
    • Parking at the new garage costs $2 per hour. Vehicles can be parked in the garage for up to 10 hours.

    For additional information about garage operations, click herepdf

Design-Related Questions:

  1. What will the height and width of the garage be once completed?
    • Length and Width: 270' x 186' (Center of Column to Center of Column) Height: 44'-11" (Amenity Deck Height: 46'-5") *Height does not include elevator override or bathroom facility.
  2. Will the City move or replace trees in the construction area?
    • Yes. City staff has developed a tree relocation strategy. Many of the trees and palms will be relocated to Fort Lauderdale Beach and various parks throughout the City.
  3. Will the sewer system and pump station be relocated or will it run under the garage?
    • There will be new manholes and sewer main for the garage sanitary discharge. These new manholes will connect to the existing sanitary system that outfalls to the existing pump station / lift station to the north. The existing pump station will not be relocated as part of this project.
  4. What will happen to the marina office?
    • The existing marina office will be demolished and a temporary office will be located on the south side of the bridge. A new, permanent marina office will be constructed as part of the new Las Olas Marina Development. The Las Olas Maria Development is separate from this project.
  5. What are the long-term plans for the impacts to the “lift station?”
    • The existing lift station will likely be demolished as part of the Las Olas Marina Development. The marina developers are working with City staff to determine a new location.

Las Olas Beach Project Community Outreach Contact Information

Email :

Project Hotline:  877-252-7384