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Fees and Legal Information

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Applicable Fees and Requirements per City Ordinances (Municode)


Connect and/or Disconnect Service $10.00 each meter

Set Meter
(Current account holder must pay with cash, cashiers check, or money order)

Meter Test $16.00 (first test)

$70.00 (second test, if done within 12 months of the first test)

Account Turned On/Off for Non-Payment of Bill $20.00 for turn off, each meter

$20.00 for turn on, each meter

Unauthorized Water Connection or Meter $150.00 (anti-theft device installed)

$360.00 (cut at main)

Returned Checks:
-- If check amount does not exceed $50 $25.00

-- If check amount exceeds $50, but does not exceed $300 $30.00

-- If check value exceeds $300 $40.00 or 5% of amount of check, whichever is greater

Account holders (new or reconnect) are required to provide a copy of settlement papers, if owner, or lease, if tenant, appropriate deposit, picture identification and their Social Security Number or Federal ID Number, if applicable, at the time of applying for water service. All subsequent bills, after the deposits are paid, are due within (25) twenty-five days of the billing date. A one percent per month late payment penalty is assessed on all outstanding balances.

Residential account deposits will be refunded after one year for owners and two years for tenants if all payments are received on or before the due date on the bill.