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Financial Management

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Accounts Payable Unit

The Accounts Payable Unit is responsible for the management and processing of payments to vendors. The Accounts Payable senior accounting clerk is responsible for following all purchasing guidelines for the procurement of materials, supplies, equipment and services to meet the operating requirements of the department in accordance with City ordinances. Processing of vendor invoices includes fund coding, budget allocation and payments in a timely manner. The senior accounting clerk is the custodian of the petty cash fund and is responsible for the disbursement and replenishment of funds.

Accounts Payable Average Annual Statistics

  • Number of Purchase Orders Processed


  • Number of P-Card Requisitions Processed


  • Number of Requisitions for Purchase (RPA)


Supplies and services average five percent (5%) of the total operating budget. Capital is any single item valued greater than two thousand dollars ($2,000). Capital expenditures average one percent (1%) of the total operating budget.

Accounts Receivable Unit

The Accounts Receivable Unit is responsible for the management of revenues.

Ambulance Transport Fees

The Accounts Receivable Unit is responsible for the management of approximately 2,000 monthly EMS transport reports. The Accounts Receivable senior accounting clerk  submits daily reconciliations of EMS Revenues from third party collection sources.  This position also reviews EMS transport files for data accuracy, patient reporting requests, and other administrative support functions.  The Department Budget Coordinator audits revenue collection and develops of monthly analysis reports.

Fire Assessment Fee

The annual fire assessment fee includes costs to improve and operate Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue and is collected on the November property tax bill. All residential property owners are assessed a single rate each year for fire services, while business owners are assessed based on the square footage of the property.