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Office of Financial Management Overview

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The mission of the Office of Financial Management is to promote the allocation of resources to increase the safety and economic welfare of the City of Fort Lauderdale.


The Office of Financial Management is responsible for the planning, design, development, preparation and administration of the Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue budget and financial management systems, including financial reporting and internal controls. The office is comprised of seven interconnected elements: fiscal strategies, accounts payable, accounts receivable, timekeeping, employee records payroll and records management.

The purpose of the Office of Financial Management is to meet the higher expectations of the citizens served by Fire-Rescue with greater accountability of the use of public resources and to improve the overall efficiency of programs and services. The challenge is to satisfy the requirement for fiscal prudence, while managing the community’s service delivery expectations with a tax effort that is acceptable.

The fiscal strategy also must be able to cope with financial pressures imposed by various environmental factors and trends. These factors can put enormous strain on present and future budgets.