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Office of Financial Management

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Paul C. Vanden Berge

Public Safety Administrator







General Duties/Responsibilities:  The Office of Financial Management is responsible for the planning, design, development, preparation and administration of the Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue budget and financial management systems, including financial reporting and internal controls.

The Office is comprised of seven interconnected elements: fiscal strategies, accounts payable, accounts receivable, timekeeping, employee records payroll and records management.

In addition to the Financial Management of the Fire Department, this office performs additional assignments relative to performance management and statistical reporting to Stakeholders within the City, State and Federal government entities.

Budget Development
The Office of Financial Management is responsible for the development of a well-organized budget to coordinate the activities of Fire-Rescue. Funding is a critical issue in fire and emergency medical services, since the Fire-Rescue operational budget does not depend on a single revenue source. The department must consider a range of opportunities and local or state constraints in shaping its funding policy and determining its budget.

Budget Process 
The budget process consists of five stages: forecasting, requesting, reviewing, adopting and monitoring.

Financial Management 
This activity focuses on strategic resource allocation and management. It strengthens the link between budgeting and planning and ensures that funding decisions made with the attention to cost and the appropriateness, efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.

Financial Analysis & Projections 
This function includes accounting for expenditures against state, federal and private funds; accessing federal grant funds and funding via inter-agency transfer; reporting expenditures against federal grants development of the financial portions of various federal grant applications and allocation plans; and various reports and analyses requested by internal and external customers. Development of fiscal impact statements to provide concise, relevant information to the decision making process and effective and efficient management for future planning or proposed legislation and regulations to ensure successful implementation.

Command/Essential Support Functions, Finance Division 
Office of Financial Management approves all expenditures, forms and authorizations, and maintains accurate records to receive reimbursement.