Support Services Bureau


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Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Support Services Bureau is charged with providing needs for Fire Operations, Ocean Rescue, EMS Bureau, Fire Prevention, Fire Training Bureau and Emergency Management Department. The Bureau receives demands from more than 450 sworn and non-sworn personnel throughout the city. All requests are reviewed and the proper response allocated to every need.

The Bureau creates BID Contracts for big ticket items and communicates with vendors all across the U.S. The staff is in constant 

The Support Services Bureau maintains an inventory of nearly a 1000 items including medical supplies, vehicle maintenance items, tools, computer equipment, office supplies and more. The Bureau also provides all department approved uniforms/specialty suits. All items are accurately accounted for and bar coded for for the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. 

The bureau operates with four full-time employees. These individuals also distribute, collect and perform various repairs and maintenance to tools and equipment. 



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Johnny Robinson

 Fire Captain

Phone:954-828-6188 Fax:954-828-6086