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Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)

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Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)


 The Florida Task Force-2 (FL-TF2) Urban Search and Rescue Team is available 24-hours a day, locally or nationally. The City of Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue is a FEMA Urban Search and Rescue participating agency that responds to natural and man-made disasters to provide search and rescue, medical support, communications, and damage assessment among other life saving activities.

Since 1991, the South Florida Urban Search and Rescue Team (FL-TF2) has been serving the national community in times of need. In cooperation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the State of Florida and other agencies, the task force can be mobilized when an affected disaster area exceeds locally available response capabilities and officially requests outside help.

Fort Lauderdale’s team is designed to respond to a variety of disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, storms and tornadoes, floods, dam failures, technological accidents, terrorist activities and hazardous materials releases, and incidents where victims may be trapped, lost or injured. The team is deployed with Managers, Doctors, Structural Engineers, Search and Rescue canines and handlers, as well as Heavy Rescue Specialists, Logistics Specialists and Communications Specialists. Working together, this team is a multi-talented force ready to meet the most demanding Search and Rescue challenges. With only 3-1/2 hours notice, this nationally recognized team can be deployed with highly trained members and specialized tools to serve a community in need.

The City of Fort Lauderdale is proud to be a participant in the Urban Search and Rescue initiative. Each member plays an integral role in the Search and Rescue process. With some of the most reliable experts in the business, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue is a leader in worldwide disaster response.