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MotivateMe Wellness Incentive Program

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Who is Eligible for the Annual Wellness Incentive Program?

  • All permanent, full-time, active City employees enrolled in one of the City’s Medical Plans can participate*.
  • Eligible Community Builders must earn 500 non-duplicated wellness activity points every calendar year between January 1 and December 31 to receive an annual $500 (taxable) wellness incentive, payable after March 31 or May 31 of the following year (to allow for reporting of claims data into your Cigna MotivateMe® Incentive Awards account).

How Can I Earn 500 Wellness Activity Points?

You MUST complete all three of the following Required Program Goals for a total of 300 points:^

Required Program Goals

  1. Annual Physical (Preventive Exam)  – 100 Points
  2. Biometric Health Screening (blood pressure check, cholesterol screening, blood glucose/blood sugar screening and measurement of height and weight)  – 100 Points
  3. Cigna’s Personalized Health Assessment online at or the Marathon Health Questionnaire from the City’s Health and Wellness Center – 100 Points

Complete any of the following wellness activities to earn 200 points:^

Preventive Screenings or Health Coaching

  • Get a Flu Shot – 50 Points
  • Complete Annual OB/GYN Exam – 50 Points
  • Get Mammogram* - 50 Points
  • Get a Colonoscopy* - 50 Points
  • Get a Cervical Cancer Screening – 50 Points
  • Get a Prostate Cancer Screening – 50 Points
  • Complete a Health Coaching Session at the City’s Health and Wellness Center – 50 Points

Self-Reported Activities (Must be recorded in your account by December 31.)

  • Complete a Wellness Activity (e.g., Lunch/Breakfast and Learns, Employee Assistance Program webinars, City walks, Tobacco and Stress Management Programs, Etc.) – 25 points each (4 per year)
  • Complete a Physical Activity (e.g., gym workouts, walking, exercise classes, etc.) – 25 points each (4 per year)
  • Complete a Weight Management Activity (e.g., Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, other weight management program, etc.) – 25 points each (4 per year)

^ WIP Required Program Goals and Preventive Screening/Coaching activity points will be credited one-time per completion of activity per payout year (duplicate services will not be credited for the incentive).

To Receive Your Annual WIP Payout*

  • Eligible participating employees enrolled in one of the City’s Cigna Plans must have or register for a MyCigna account.
  • Wellness activities automatically reported through claims will be visible in your MotivateMe® and must be completed by December 31.
  • Self-reported wellness activities must be recorded in your MotivateMe® account by December 31.

*Employees can only be paid the $500 (taxable) Wellness Incentive payout once per fiscal year (10/1–9/30). City employees in Federation of Public Employees group not enrolled in a Cigna Plan with the City will utilize a Wellness Incentive Program Tracker form to complete their  Wellness Incentive Program requirements based on the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

All eligible employees must track and record their wellness activities through their account.

There are only two (2) exceptions that will require forms:

  1. Members of the Federation of Public Employees who are not enrolled in a City Medical Plan. 
  2. City employees who are enrolled as a dependent (spouse or domestic partner) of another City employee in one of the City’s Medical Plans.

How Can I Participate and Receive My Incentive Reward if I qualify as one of these two (2) exceptions?

  1. Be a regular Full-time active City employee. Temporary full-time employees are not eligible unless they are in the City Management Fellowship Program.
  2. Track Your Activities. Record your activities on the respective Wellness Incentive Tracker Form (both Part 1 and Part 2) below. This form must be completed with the required 500 wellness activity points.
  3. Submit Forms. The completed Wellness Incentive Tracker form AND the completed Wellness Incentive Program Physician Verification form(s) must be submitted and received by the City’s onsite Wellness Coordinator, Kerri Holden. Both Forms must be completed and received by December 31 to receive your WIP payout. Please fax the completed forms to 860-847-5126 OR submit/mail to: City of Fort Lauderdale Health and Wellness Center, 4750 N. Federal Highway, Suite 300, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33308 Attention: Kerri Holden, Phone: 954-652-1306.
  4. Receive Payout.  If you submitted both of the required forms by December 31 showing you earned 500 non-duplicated wellness activity points between January 1 and December 31 and are still an active eligible City employee as of 12/31, you will receive an annual $500 (taxable) wellness incentive, payable after March 31 of the following year. 

For Federation of Public Employees Group Not Enrolled in a Medical Plan with the City Only

For Eligible Employees Enrolled in a City Medical Plan as a Dependent/Spouse/DP of Another City of Fort Lauderdale Employee

Voluntary Wellness Incentive Program (WIP) Special Notice