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Tuition Refund Program

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Tuition Refund ProgramTuition

Program Objective

To encourage employees of the City of Fort Lauderdale to take course work which will help improve performance in their current position or which will prepare them for promotion to related higher-level responsibilities.


Employees whose applications are approved will be entitled to an A-100%, B-75%, C-50% refund of tuition upon successful completion of each approved course. For a college or university program, the refund shall be available for a maximum total of 24 semester hours or 36 quarter hours in any one-year period for eligible regular employees. For a vocational, technical or adult training program, a refund shall be paid for a maximum total of 288 classroom hours in any calendar year. The amount payable for such a refund shall be based upon and shall not exceed the established credit-hour rate of tuition as charged by the State of Florida's public universities or colleges at the time the course is undertaken, regardless of the fact that the employee may be attending a private educational institution. An approved pass/fail certificate course will be entitled to a 75% refund (100% for employees in the IAFF bargaining group).


Regular employees who have completed 12 months of continuous service with the City of Fort Lauderdale are eligible to apply for tuition refund for an eligible course. An eligible course is any course that, in the judgment of the Director of Human Resources, is directly related to the employee's current or a related higher position, and which meets the program's stated objective.

City Service Obligation

If an employee terminates or is terminated from employment with the City within two years (one year for those employees covered by the FOP or Federation union contracts) following the completion of any eligible educational, vocational, technical, or adult training program for which the employee received a refund, then the amount of the tuition refund shall be immediately repaid by the employee to the City. Should an employee fail to immediately reimburse the City for the amount of such refund, the City may deduct the refund from any salary or wages due to the employee from the City.


1. The application form is to be submitted at least five (5) business days prior to the beginning of class to your Department Head who will enter his recommendation and then forward to HR.

2. Employees must pay tuition costs directly to, and be accepted for enrollment by an accredited educational institution. No reimbursement will be made for textbooks, lab fees, or any other expenses except the straight tuition charge. Course work is to be taken outside of working hours unless the employee's Department Head approves the use of accumulated annual leave or compensatory time.

3. Upon completion of approved course work, tuition refund will be obtained by the employee presenting the original transcript notification, a certificate of satisfactory completion or both to HR. This shall be submitted no later than 30 days after completion of an approved course. A grade report and receipt showing proof of payment must be received before a refund can be processed.

For additional information concerning the Tuition Refund Program or to request an application form, contact Kerry Arthurs, 954-828-5747,

Application Forms

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