Human Resources Administration

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Under the direction of the Human Resources Director, the Administration Division of the Human Resources Department oversees all functional areas of responsibility in the department, coordinates two community programs (Kids and the Power of Work, and the Summer Youth Employment Program), serves as the liaison to the Civil Service Board and is responsible for managing the department’s budget.

Community Programs


Kids and the Power of Work (KAPOW)

KAPOW exposes 4th through 8th grade students to career opportunities and helps them connect what they are learning to their futures in the workplace - and life!

Employee volunteers are assigned to one class at a local elementary school, visiting seven times during the school year for one hour to teach KAPOW's fun and easy to use lessons. Before the lessons begin, a one-time training shows them how the lessons work, ensuring they will be successful, and have a great time doing it!  Participation makes a valuable contribution to the future of our community's young people and helps them learn about careers in public service.

Learn more about the KAPOW Program.

Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)syep2

Career Source Broward (CSBD), formerly known as Workforce One has partnered with the City of Fort Lauderdale to implement a Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) .   All of the students in this program are residents of the City of Fort Lauderdale who qualify for the low income threshold established by the CBSD.  The City takes this opportunity to interface with the community by reaching out to its youth.  These students learn life lessons such as responsibility and being part of a team and job skills.  The City also provides additional workshops on setting career goals, how to budget money, how to get a job and how government works.  Overall, the program protects at-risk youth in the community. Up to 70 residents, ages 16 through 18 years old, participate in the program.  The program runs for 8 weeks between June and August.  Eligible students work a maximum of 30 hours per week.

Students must apply directly with CBSD

Civil Service Board

The Civil Service Board consists of three members, one recommended for appointment by the mayor, one recommended for appointment by the city manager, and a third member recommended for appointment by the regular employees of the City of Fort Lauderdale. Each member is appointed for a full term of four years, by resolution of the City Commission. The principal function of the board is to serve in an appellate and advisory capacity in the administration of the personnel program. It is the duty of the Civil Service Board and it has the power to:
  1. Hear appeals of any regular employee in the method provided in the personnel rules.
  2. Represent the public interest in the improvement of personnel administration in the City service.
  3. Advise the City Commission, the City Manager and the Personnel Director on problems concerning personnel administration.
  4. Advise and assist the Personnel Director in fostering the improvement of personnel standards in the City service.
  5. Make any inquiry which it may consider desirable, concerning the administration of personnel in the City service and to review any personnel action which may appear to be arbitrary, capricious or illegal, and make recommendations to the Personnel Director with respect thereto.
  6. Make annual reports, and such special reports as it considers desirable, to the City Commission and to the City Manager concerning personnel administration in the City service and recommendations for improvement herein.
  7. Adopt the classification plan to propose amendments or revisions thereto.

Additional Information can be found in the City Code of Ordinances, Section 6.04.

Current board membership Civil Service Board Memberspdf.