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Position Description Questionnaire

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In order to classify positions properly, it is necessary to obtain complete information about the duties and responsibilities involved in each position.  The information is obtained in several ways.  Employees are provided Job Description Questionnaires (JDQ) in which they describe their jobs in their own words.  The statements of employees are reviewed by their immediate supervisors, who indicate whether the employees’ statements are accurate and complete, and also add information required for the position.  The original statements of employees, however, are not changed.  The questionnaires are then submitted to the Human Resources Analyst who reviews them carefully, noting any questions or further data required.  After this preliminary analysis, department heads, supervisors, and individual employees may be interviewed concerning the duties and responsibilities not clearly understood.

Based on the information obtained, the following actions may be taken:

  • No change
  • Position may be reallocated to an appropriate classification
  • Job specification may be revised
  • Positions which are not comparable to an existing position may be allocated to a new classification


A study of an individual’s position may be initiated by the department director or an employee of the Teamsters Collective Bargaining Unit. Any request for a study of a position must be on the basis of a change in the position’s duties or responsibilities and be approved by the department director.

Employee Initiated Job Evaluation – Teamsters Employees – Article 26, Section 1.4

An employee may initiate no more than one request for a job evaluation every 12 months. An employee in a training assignment may not initiate a request for a job evaluation until after six months of continuous service in the assignment. The employee shall submit a JDQ to the immediate supervisor, who shall complete it and route it through channels to the Human Resources Department within 30 calendar days.

If the employee initiates a request for a job evaluation and does not complete and forward the JDQ to his/her supervisor within 60 days, such evaluation request shall be denied.

Department Initiated Job Evaluation – All other employees

To request a JDQ, the department director or designee shall contact the Human Resources Analyst assigned to his/her department and state the reason for the request. The Human Resources Analyst will discuss the request with the Talent Manager to determine a course of action.

Comprehensive instructions and guidelines for completing the JDQ pdf