Employee Relations & Office of Professional Standards

The Employee Relations Division and the Office of Professional Standards (OPS) operate under the Human Resources Department. The work of Employee Relations creates a direct link between the employees, managers and executives. OPS is available to receive, review and attempt to resolve any claim of unfair treatment in the workplace. It is with immense pride that this division stands ready to meet the needs of the City of Fort Lauderdale and its neighbors.

Employee Relations is responsible for:

  • Bargaining with four labor organizations that represent the City’s workforce, through five collective bargaining agreements. 
  • Labor contract administration.
  • Training in contract changes and in other related areas.
  • Conducting research on operational and emerging employer issues and communicate the findings.
  • Assist department directors and managers in policy and organizational development.


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The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) is responsible for:

  • Conflict Resolution/Mediation within work units at the earliest possible stage.
  • Ethics and Professional Standards applicable to City employees.  
  • Promote an environment and culture within the City that is fair and equitable.

Should a wrong doing or questionable behavior be observed by either an employee or a citizen, a complaint can be filed by calling 954-828-5300. Employees are encouraged to report and attempt to resolve their work-related concerns at the lowest possible level within the City organization. All City employees are required to take reasonable steps to ensure that co-workers or employees under their supervision are not subjected to a hostile work environment and are treated in a fair and professional manner.