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ADA Accessibility in City Parks

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ADA Accessibility in City Parks

The City of Fort Lauderdale is committed to serving the needs of all of its citizens and visitors, and our goal is to ensure access to information for a diverse audience. For more information, visit our accessibility page.

ADA Event Coordinator

The City of Fort Lauderdale has a designated ADA event coordinator who has knowledge of all accessibility features of City park facilities and events. The ADA event coordinator can provide the public with information regarding the accessibility of upcoming events, including the location of disabled parking, location of accessible restrooms and amenities, and the location of special features to assist disabled persons.

The ADA event coordinator can also address the needs and requests of persons with disabilities, including requests for reasonable accommodations to participate in City events. The ADA event coordinator may be contacted to request, purchase, or reserve wheelchair and/or wheelchair companion seating for City events.

The Parks and Recreation Department's ADA event coordinator is Susan Riestra. She can provide information about participation and advanced ticketing and seating for City-sponsored events. She can be contacted at 954-828-4612 or

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Sebastian Street at A1A

  • Beach wheelchair is available from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Sebastian Street Lifeguard Station (just north of Beach Place Mall and just south of where A1A splits and becomes one way). Please call 954-828-4595 for assistance.
  • Accessible showers
  • Accessible parking available at 3031 Sebastian St.

South Beach Picnic Area – 600 South A1A

  • ADA accessible restrooms, shower, parking


  • Civic Peoples Park – Standard pavilion, next to playground
  • Cooley’s Landing Park – Standard pavilion next to open area
  • East & West Clay Shaw Pavilions – Paved area; no steps
  • Floranada Park – Standard pavilion; parking at school, accessible restrooms
  • Holiday Park – Standard pavilion, next to playground
  • Joseph C. Carter Park - Standard pavilion next to water playground
  • Melrose Park – Standard pavilion, next to playground
  • Middle River Terrace Park – Located next to parking
  • Palm Aire Village Park - Large pavilion; next to accessible restrooms.
  • Osswald Park – Three standard pavilions throughout park.
  • Riverland Park – Standard pavilion; accessible restrooms
  • Riverwalk Linear Park
    • Esplanade Park – Large pavilion; steps in front, ramp in back, next to accessible restrooms
    • Rotary Gazebo – Sidewalk access from both sides


  • Bayview Park - Accessible playground located near park entrance
  • Civic Peoples Park – Accessible playground located near pavilion
  • George English Park – Accessible playground, near pavilion
  • Greenfield Park – Accessible playground
  • Guthrie Blake Park – Accessible playground
  • Holiday Park – Accessible playground equipment located near pavilion
  • Imperial Point Park – Accessible playground equipment.
  • Jospeh Carter Park – Accessible playground located near basketball courts
  • Lauderdale Manors – Accessible playground, next to Recreation Center
  • Osswald Park – Two accessible playgrounds, next to Recreation Center
  • Palm Aire Park – Accessible playground
  • Palm Aire Village Park Accessible playground; located near restrooms
  • Riverland Park – Accessible playground located near pavilion
  • Virginia Young Park – Accessible playground


  • Bass Park – (25-yard lap swimming)
    • Lift available
  • Carter Park – (25-yard lap swimming pool)
    • Lift available
    • Water playground begins at zero depth- wheelchair accessible
  • Croissant Park – (25-yard lap swimming)
    • ADA wheelchair accessible ramp, 2 water wheelchairs
    • Water playground begins at zero depth – wheelchair accessible
  • Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex – Contact 954-828-4580
    • Lift available
  • Lauderdale Manors – (18-yard lap swimming)
    • Lift available
    • Water Playground begins at zero depth – wheelchair accessible
  • Riverland Park – (25-yard lap swimming)
    • ADA wheelchair accessible ramp, water wheelchair available
    • Water playground begins at zero depth – wheelchair accessible
  • Sunrise Middle School – (25-yard lap swimming)
    • ADA wheelchair accessible ramp, one water wheelchair

ADA Evaluation of City Parks

Park (Name/Address)

ADA Details

Annie Beck Park

Limited wheelchair access; no parking spaces.

Ann Herman Park

Under development.

Bass Park

Andrew Degraffenriedt Center is accessible; ramp in front of building. Parking available on west side of building.

Bayview Park

Accessible tennis courts, restrooms, parking.


Sebastian Street and A1A - Accessible telephone, beach wheelchair (to reserve the wheelchair, call 954-828-4595). South Beach Park - Accessible restrooms, parking, shower and telephone available.

Beach Community Center

Accessible; parking spaces east of main entrance.

Bryant H. Peney Park

Accessible stage, playground not accessible; no parking.

Bubier Park


Charles B. Benneson Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Civic Peoples Park

Parking available, no bathrooms.

Cliff Lake Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Colee Hammock Park

Accessible walkway to water; parking available.

Cooley's Landing

Accessible pavilion and parking (in front of office).

Coontie Hatchee Landings

Under development.

Croissant Park

Recreation Center is accessible; parking available.

DC Alexander Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Dillard Park School

Contact school for accessibility.

Earl Lifshey Park

Accessible, parking available.

Flagler Heights Park

Under development.

Flamingo Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Floranada Park School

Accessible restrooms, parking available at the school.

Florence Hardy Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Floyd Hull Stadium

Limited wheelchair access.

Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex

Please call 954-828-4580 for special accommodations.

Fort Lauderdale HS Park School

Pool only.

Fort Lauderdale Stadium

Please call 954-776-1921 for special accommodations.

Francis L. Abreu Place

Limited wheelchair access.

George English Park

Parking available; 2 playgrounds – 1 accessible/ 1 not accessible; pathway around park (ends at ball fields); recreation center

Georgian Oaks

Under development.

Greenfield Park

Accessible water fountain; no parking.

Guthrie-Blake Park

No parking.

Hector Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Holiday Park

Accessible bathrooms located near baseball complex and football complex. Ramp and seating available at roller hockey rinks.

Activity Center

Accessible, parking available.


Accessible, parking available.

Social Center

Accessible, parking available.

Tennis Center

Accessible, parking available.

Hortt Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Idlewyld Park/Merle Fogg Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Imperial Point Park

Accessible, parking available, no bathrooms.

Jack Kaye Park

Accessible pathway through park, no parking.

J. C. Carter Park

All areas are accessible with the exception of the batting cage.

Landings Entranceway

Limited wheelchair access.

Lauderdale Manors Park

Accessible recreation center, parking available.

Lauderdale Villas

Limited wheelchair access.

Lewis Landing Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Lincoln Park

Parking available in Building Department parking lot, accessible basketball court, two pavilions, path of travel and playground.

Lockhart Stadium

Please call the Broward County School Board at 754-321-1200 for special accommodations.

Maj. William Lauderdale Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Melrose Park

Accessible basketball courts, tennis courts, and parking is available.

Merle Fogg Park/Idlewyld Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Middle River Terrace

Parking available.

Mills Pond Park and Conservation Area

Call 954-828-8942 or 954-759-5920 for special accommodations.

Morton Activity Center

Accessible; parking spaces north of main entrance; accessible stage.

Mizell Center

Accessible, parking available.

Osswald Park

Accessible, parking available.

Palm Aire Village Park

Entire park is accessible (playground, parking, pavilion).

Poinciana Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Provident Park

Accessible, no parking.

Purple Pickle Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Riverland Park

Accessible, parking available.

Riverland Woods Park

Accessible, parking available.

Riverside Park

Recreation center is accessible, no parking.

Riverwalk Linear Park

Accessible, parking available on SW 4th Street by pavilion.

Sailboat Bend Preserve

Under development.

Sistrunk Park

Park is accessible. No amenities. No parking.

Smoker Park

Under development.

Snyder Park

Call 954-828-4585 for special accommodations.

Stranahan Park


Sunrise Middle School Park

Pool only.

Sunset School

Limited wheelchair access.

Sweeting Park

Limited wheelchair access, no parking.

Tarpon Cove Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Townsend Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Victoria Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Virginia S Young Park

Limited parking.

Vista Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Walker Park School

Contact school for accessibility.

Warfield Park

Playground has limited access. Basketball court is accessible. Parking available.

Welcome Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Westwood Heights Triangle Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Willingham Park

Limited wheelchair access.

Warbler Wet Lands

Under development.

Site 141a (Behind Salvation Army)

Under development.

Site 78d (Across from Palm Aire Park)

Under development.

Site 125 (Dennison Property)

Under development.