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Vision, Mission, and Major Goals

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The Information Technology (ITS) Vision and Mission Statements, and eight major goals were developed with considerable input regarding important issues facing the City.

ITS Vision: 

Our vision is to be leaders in creating a technology enabled community by using cost effective measures that fosters efficiency, safety, and transparency by which all residents, visitors, businesses, local government and employees can access relevant government information and value added services at anytime from anywhere.

ITS Mission:

Our mission is to improve operational efficiencies and employee productivity through innovative solutions, emerging technologies, and quality IT services.

ITS Major Goals:

  1. Ease the access to Information.
  2. Closely integrate department visions with technology and plans.
  3. Provide technology leadership to the Fort Lauderdale community. 
  4. Develop our employees and our core teams. 
  5. Provide a secure, reliable, and cost-effective infrastructure.
  6. Ensure Citywide integration of information and compatibility of processes.
  7. Establish an Organization Governance Task Force.
  8. Establish standards for software and hardware support.