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Lifeguard Positions

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The City of Fort Lauderdale is seeking dynamic and goal-driven employees. Employees that are motivated to take on today's greatest challenges and rewards in the field of local public service. Employees who are passionate about making a difference and achieving our mission: We Build Community, in a fast-paced organization that operates by vision, strategy, and action. Would you fit in?


This is work of average difficulty in life guarding at a municipal pool, which may include organizing and conducting recreational activities, and assisting in site supervision.
An employee in this class is responsible for the supervision and instruction of swimming and a variety of recreational activities at a municipal pool or recreational facility, and the prompt performance of emergency lifesaving and first aid skills as occasions require. Although incidental assignments may include custodial tasks, recruitment is on the basis of swimming skills and ability to perform water rescue and first aid activities. Specific assignments are made by a supervisor who checks to see that lifeguards are alert at all times and that assigned tasks are performed according to instructions. The employee works under immediate supervision, exercising some initiative and independent judgment.


  1. Possess a valid American Red Cross C.P.R. for the Professional Rescuer and a valid American Red Cross Lifeguard Training and First Aid Certificate, or equivalent, prior to appointment.
  2. Possess a current and valid American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certificate, or be able to obtain one within six (6) months from date of appointment.
  3. Some positions may require a valid American Red Cross Waterfront/Waterpark Lifeguard Certificate, or be able to obtain one within six (6) months from date of appointment.
  4. All required certifications, whether possessed at time of application or obtained after appointment, must be kept current to continue employment in this class.
  5. Must be able to successfully pass a performance test which includes simulated pool rescues.  This test must be successfully passed every six (6) months after employment.
  6. A valid State of Florida driver's license may be required.
  7. VISION REQUIREMENTS– Must be free from color blindness and have no permanent abnormality of either eye; must have at least 20/50 vision in each eye without correction (glasses or contacts) and must have 20/20 vision in each eye separately with correction. Employees are required to wear corrective lenses while on duty if vision is not at least 20/50 without correction.  THE VISION REQUIREMENTS CANNOT BE WAIVED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. An employee who has undergone radial keratotomy may not be examined until six (6) weeks have elapsed from their last surgical procedure and must at that time meet the above stated vision requirements.


To apply please visit City of Fort Lauderdale Jobs


Note: The starting salary is $15.79 per hour. 


In order to be eligible for a Pool Lifeguard I position with the City of Fort Lauderdale, you must:


  1. 200-yard swim under 4 minutes
  2. Treading Water for 2 minutes
  3. Brick Retrieval
  4. Front Rescue-Active Victim
  5. Rear Rescue - Active Victim
  6. Head Neck or Spinal Injury in Shallow Water
  7. Submerged Passive Victim in Deep Water with 3 minutes of CPR

Candidates must pass ALL seven (7) components to successfully complete the performance exam.

The results of the performance test will be valid for thirty (30) days only. Unsuccessful applicants or those not hired within 30 days, must reapply and retake the test after 30 days. The skills listed below in the performance tests are representative but not all-inclusive of the performance test requirements.


Prior to being hired, candidates are required to successfully complete a medical examination by the City of Fort Lauderdale's licensed physician. A drug screen test is part of this examination.