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Weather Policy

Community Pools

Cold Weather:

  • If the air temperature falls below 55 degrees all programs will be cancelled.
  • If the air temperature falls below 65 degrees Rec Swim and Bass Aqua Fitness will be cancelled for the day.
  • If the water temperature in a lap pool falls below 75 degrees all programs will be cancelled.
  • If the water temperature in a water playground falls below 70 degrees all programs will be cancelled.


  • Each pool is equipped with a lightning detection system.
  • Should the system detect lightning within the range, the pool and deck will close immediately and remain closed until the detection system indicates an all clear.
  • Additionally, the lifeguard or manager on duty may determine if additional weather-related closures are necessary.

Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex

Cold Weather:

Should weather conditions reflect temperatures below 55 degrees, program adjustments may be made and/or programs may be temporarily suspended.

Please call 954-828-4580 and select option #5 for the most up-to-date list of facility closures.


  1. Lightning is observed and proximity is determined by timing the interval between the flash and the sound of thunder.
  2. If lightning is seen and there is an elapsed time of 50 seconds with no thunder, the pool will remain open. If lightning is seen and thunder is heard within 50 seconds of the lightning, the facility will close.
  3. A lifeguard will execute one long blast on a whistle to signal the pool is closed. All facility patrons are required to leave the facility or remain indoors until the storm has cleared.
  4. All pools will remain closed for 30 minutes past each sound of thunder or each strike of lightning followed by thunder within 50 seconds.

Additionally, should it rain hard enough to hinder a clear view of the bottom of the pool, regardless of lightning, the pool will be closed and will remain closed until the rain subsides so the bottom of the pool is visible. In the event of severe rainfall during a competition, warm-up lane usage will be limited/reduced for safety purposes.