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Sailboat Bend Preserve

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Acquisition of Future Park Lands Assures the City of a Green Future

The City of Fort Lauderdale has been fortunate that much of the park land recently acquired has been funded through the Broward County Safe Parks and Land Preservation Bond Program. The concept of the bond program is consistent with the City’s park land acquisition and management goals as outlined in the City of Fort Lauderdale Comprehensive Plan, Future Land Use Element, and Policy 4.1.5 of the Recreation and Open Space Element, which is to preserve ecologically and historically important lands from development in areas of Fort Lauderdale characterized by intense urban development and almost complete loss of open space.

More specifically, objectives of the future park projects are: 1) to preserve disturbed vegetative communities that are extremely important to the City and Broward County in the preservation of natural resources; 2) to provide additional open space to the residents of the City of Fort Lauderdale, thereby maintaining the City Level of Service (LOS) Standard of 3 acres/1,000 residents; 3) to provide an opportunity for passive recreation which would meet the needs of less mobile residents (young children, elderly); 4) to provide an important environmental educational opportunity; 5) to reclaim the rundown and vacant lot areas; and 7) to connect the new park sites to other parks through bikeways, bike-friendly roads, and developed green and blueways.

Future Parks and Facilities

Cypress Creek Sand Pine Preserve - NE corner of Cypress Creek and NW 21st Avenue
The City acquired the Cypress Creek Sand Pine Preserve conservation site in May 2006; it is an 8.15-acre sand pine scrub. The site will be developed and maintained by the City as a conservation preserve with passive recreational opportunities for the public.

Esterre Davis Wright Park - 1626 SW 23rd Street
A future half-acre park site in the River Oaks neighborhood, the park site was acquired through an agreement with the Georgian Oaks developer. Amenities for the park will include a playground, parking and a walking trail.
Peter Feldman Park - East of NE 3 Avenue & south of NE 6th Street
The purchase of the properties making up this 1.3-acre future Flagler Heights park site was completed in August 2005. Securing the funding for the project was a collaborative effort between Broward County, the City of Fort Lauderdale and the City of Fort Lauderdale Community Redevelopment Authority. It is planned that the site will be landscaped with native plants and provide park benches, a picnic area and a small playground.
Sailboat Bend Preserve - South of Broward Boulevard & Middle St., west of SW 14th Avenue
The preserve of 1.27 acres of live oak hammock is the future site for the Sailboat Bend Preserve Park located adjacent to the Argyle Canal just south of Broward Blvd. and Middle Street west of SW 14th Ave. At least 30% of the property will be landscaped with native plant material, and the parkland will be developed as a passive recreational area with minimal impact to the natural resources onsite.

Warbler Wetlands - SW corner of NW 21 Avenue and NW 49 Street
The Warbler Wetlands is a 6.2 acre conservation site, which will be managed and developed by the City. The overall management priority will be protection, enhancement, and interpretation as an ecological preserve. Secondarily, the site will be managed as a non-consumptive recreational, educational, and wildlife management area.

Compatible uses for the site include nature trails, observation areas, nature appreciation, environmental education programs, interpretive displays, scientific research, and activities that are passive in nature and will not degrade the natural resource.