Commission Annual Action Plan- Infrastructure Projects


Commission Annual Action Plan

The Commission Annual Action Plan (CAAP) is a one-year work plan with specific actions and objectives that reflect City Commission priorities in alignment with the Vision, the Strategic Plan, and the Neighborhood Survey. The CAAP is a product of collaboration and prioritization by the City Commission, the City Manager's Office, and Department Directors. It highlights initiatives of significant importance to the City Commission for the upcoming fiscal year. Below are the initiatives that The Public Works Department is responsible for in Fiscal Year 2014/2015 in an effort to help build community. 

Fiscal Year 2014 Commission Annual Action Plan

  • Bridges Master Plan

  • Sidewalk Program

  • Street Resurfacing 

  • Beach Renourishment

Fiscal Year 2015 Commission Annual Action Plan

  • Comprehensive Canal Dredging Master Plan

  • Soccer and Lacrosse Athletic Fields

  • Wastewater Infiltration and Inflow Management Plan

  • Stormwater Master Plan