Beach Renourishment


January 2017 Update  

Sand hauling for Segment II was completed December 28, 2016. The contractor will demobilize over the next three weeks, which will include restoring the knee wall that was removed for access, as well as removing all of the equipment from the beach.

Segment II renourishment scheduled to resume November 10, 2016

Barrier Island Renourishment AreaContractors will begin mobilizing to complete Phase II of the Beach renourishment project on Friday, October 28, 2016. Contractors will work from Terramar Street north to approximately NE 16th Street and will access the beach from Sunrise Boulevard. The knee wall adjacent to the Wave Wall at Sunrise Boulevard will be temporarily removed to provide beach access. The knee wall will be replaced when renourishment is complete.

Trucks involved in the renourishment will stage in the parking lot just east of the Galleria Mall on NE 26th Avenue. Beach access may be limited at times in the area where beach renourishmnet is taking place. Neighbors are urged to use caution in the designated area.

The Segment II Beach Renourishment Project spans a length of 4.9 miles of critically eroded beaches in Broward County. Approximately 3.54 miles of the project is located within the City of Fort Lauderdale. The purpose of the Segment II renourishment project is to reconstruct areas of the eroded beach and increase storm protection to upland development along portions of the Broward County Segment II shoreline.

The project consists of placing 750,000 cubic yards of sand within Segment II, of which 550,000 cubic yards will be deposited in Fort Lauderdale. Fill activity associated with beach renourishment is expected to span one to two years due to the narrow project window resulting from sea turtle nesting season, which limits beach fill activity to a six-month period between November and April. The total cost of the Segment II project is estimated at $51 million. Past projects have included cost sharing at the federal, state, county, and municipal level.